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What are Steam Trucks?

Steam trucks are known under quite a few names including street sweepers or street cleaning trucks. They are generally operated by city sanitation services and can vary in size. Most steam trucks use forced air to suck up debris from streets into a hopper located in the steam truck unit. Steam trucks also have brushes and can include water tanks that wash away dirt and grime from the road.

What are Steam Trucks? steam truck 1

Steam trucks are also popular at commercial properties such as mall parking lots and stadium parking lots. After an event or at the end of a business day, a steam truck cleans the parking lot picking up debris such as soda bottles food wrappers, etc. Smaller sized steam trucks are used in public areas such as parks and sidewalks to clean commercial or public walking paths.

What are Steam Trucks? steam truck 2

Steam trucks come in many sizes from full size large city sanitation units to three wheeled units used for small commercial properties. Steam trucks are sold by a variety of manufacturers around the world. Generally speaking steam trucks are moderately priced, but since they aren’t required to travel long distances or haul extremely heavy loads, many steam trucks can last for many years, providing a good return on investment for many commercial and public uses.

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