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What is a Box Truck?

A box truck is known by a few names, some call it a cube truck, others call it a cube van, and some even call it a box van or cargo truck.  Box trucks are quite simple vehicles.  They include a cab for the driver and passenger and an enclosed cargo area where goods, merchandise or almost any type of item can be stored or carried.  Box trucks are popular with many types of businesses including furniture companies, appliance companies and movers (moving trucks).

 What is a Box Truck? box truck

Most box truck cargo areas range in size from about 14 feet to 24 feet.  As the cargo area increases, in most cases so does the cab, chassis and engine.  Box trucks are very economical.  They are built on affordable chassis and the box or cargo area itself does not cost that much to build.  In America, the most common types of box truck chassis’ are Ford, GMC, Chevrolet and Mitsubishi. Box trucks are also affordable to operate compared to other kinds of trucks.  Since these trucks are extremely affordable, they are extremely popular with small businesses.

However if you have a business or a company, leasing is a great option when it comes to vehicles such as a new Ford van. This is because it can give you access to brand new vehicles, complete with customizations, for a fraction of the full price, see more info here for further details.

Operating a Box Truck

Since most box trucks use simple truck chassis and do not normally carry exceptionally large loads, most localities do not require a special license to operate these vehicles.  Practice tests, DMV practice testing, permit test at dmv-practice-test.com/ will help get that special license on the first try. In fact, most Americans are very familiar with box trucks and can rent them on a daily basis for only a few bucks per day.  Rental companies that offer box trucks to the general public are U-Haul and Ryder.  Most box trucks include an automatic transmission and many of the same comforts found in a car.  Popular amenities include air condition, power windows and a radio.

What is a Box Truck? box truck 2

The Cargo Area of a Box Truck

The box truck is an enclosed cube usually with swing out doors in the rear of the vehicle.  The lift gate is usually pretty low, from about 2 feet to 3 feet off the ground.  Some box trucks do include a powered lift to easily load the box truck with heavy items such as appliances or furniture.

Box trucks are usually completely empty inside except for the occasional anchor where belts or chains can be tied to holding items in place.  There are no windows inside a box truck, but it should be noted that box trucks aren’t completely air tight.  Box trucks are usually never insulated unless used for a specific utility where insulation can benefit the items being carried.

The Cost of a Box Truck

Box trucks are extremely affordable and can cost less than $25K new.  Used box trucks can be purchased for less than $5K.  However, large box trucks can be more than $30K.  Operating a box truck depends on certain variables, however they are quite economical compared to other trucks- especially big rigs.  Most box trucks run on regular gasoline, however there are box trucks available that do run on diesel.  Manual transmission box trucks are also an option, but most box trucks- especially built by US manufacturers are generally automatic.

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