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What kind of trailer should I buy?

Thinking of buying a trailer? Before you even decide to go and get one, you must first consider what you will use it for. The number of the different kinds of trailers on the market is overwhelming. There are trailers for almost anything that you can haul. You can even customize some trailers to your specifications.

The first thing to do is to determine whether you need an enclosed or open trailer. With open trailers, your cargoes are exposed to outside elements. If exposure to climate and weather is not critical to your cargo, an open trailer is the most practical choice.

Open utility trailers can be used to haul many things such as cars, motorcycles, farm tractors, equipments, or materials that need to be disposed. Open trailers are also lighter and easier to drag than enclosed trailer.

Depending on the size of an enclosed trailer, it can still be use for hauling the same things with an open trailer. The only difference is that it protects your cargoes from getting wet, from road hazards, UV light damage, and it can secure your cargoes from theft and vandalism.

You have to be familiar with the maximum towing capacity of the vehicle you intend to use to tow your trailer in order to know how big or wide it should be. You will also decide on what possible items you will often transport to get an estimate of the weight of your trailer when loaded. The total weight of your cargo will also determine the number of axles that your trailer should have.

If you will be hauling something that would need you to spend much time inside the trailer, choose an enclosed trailer with an interior high enough for you to stand comfortably. You might also want to decide on the type of rear access for an enclosed trailer. For example, if you will be transporting motor vehicles or some heavy items, you can have a spring assisted ramp rear door for easier loading and unloading.

For cargoes not more than 3000 lbs., a single axle trailer will be suitable; anything heavier requires a dual axle trailer. Dual axle trailers are equipped with braking systems. You can choose between an electric or hydraulic surge breaking systems. Electric brakes are usually preferred because of its independent operation aside from being more cost efficient than hydraulics ones.

Be sure to buy from a reputable trailer manufacturer to be sure that you get what you’re paying for. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and get some suggestions from the manufacturer or dealer. Any reputable dealer will surely be glad to assist you with your needs.

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