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What you need to know about Truck Wash

Whether you have a pick up truck, RV or are hauling cargo across the country in an 18 wheeler, one of the stops that all truck drivers need to make is the truck wash.  For most truck drivers, what they drive is part of who they are- so most truck drivers don’t want to make a negative impression.  If you want to look good both on and off road a truck wash can be a great service.

What you need to know about Truck Wash truck wash.thumbnail

For most truckers, truck wash are available at most truck stops across our nation’s highways, however, for those that are looking for special services, you may have to shop around.  Extra services associated with truck wash include wash out, wheel cleaning, full cab detail, tanker wash, engine wash and special chrome service to make sure your chrome accessories shine.

While most people will see the exterior of your truck and trailer when on the road, for many truck drivers there is nothing like a clean and spotless interior.  Interior truck wash is a great way to clean up a messy office.  Offered at many truck stops and truck wash facilities cab detailing can make a difference for those that spend their work week inside their cab.  Interior cab detailing usually includes ridding the interior of dirt and dust, cleaning the vents, vacuuming and shampooing the carpet and making sure the interior windows and mirrors are spotless.  While these services usually cost extra and are more expensive than your average truck wash, they are well worth the extra expense.

Besides individual truck wash services offered at the many truck stops across the country, for those that own or lease several trucks and trailers, you might be interested in fleet washing programs.  Fleet wash brings the truck wash to your lot.  Whether you have 5 trucks or 500 trucks and trailers, fleet truck wash is a convenient and affordable way to make sure all your trucking equipment looks good year round.

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