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Winter – Making Money as a Snow Plow?

Ever thought about plowing your street with your truck? What about making a little cash by doing to too? Some cities will pay you to plow the roads around your house, and some neighbors may pay you to clear their driveway with your truck. All you need is a compatible snow scoop for the front of your vehicle, and in any case it will help you keep your own driveway clean. To find out more information you need to call your city and ask about it, and then you need to put it out there to your neighbors that you will help plow their driveway if you are compensated a reasonable amount. Considering gas, time, and the cost of the mechanical aspect you could eventually turn a profit from it and make a little extra Christmas bill money. Additionally there are many accessories for the plow device to chose from – it is best to ask and expert though. The most common vehicles I see with them are Ford F-250’s and Dodge Rams. Once I saw a poor little Toyota truck with one – and surprisingly it did well.

Winter – Making Money as a Snow Plow? snow plow

Some cars can also have the attachment, but it depends on the car really. If it is a full size car it can probably handle it, whereas if it’s a small little tin can of a car or a VW Beetle you may run into some problems, also you will need a lot of traction so you don’t get stuck in their driveway – consider using chains, the real fancy ones with small spikes, to help get the job done. If all else fails and you do get stuck… well, remember that salt I told you to carry around somewhere? Well this is the time to use it and the shovel. In any case you could make a profit, and make a lot of neighbors happy by making sure the street you live on, and the driveways your neighbors use is clean and clear.

Winter – Making Money as a Snow Plow? f150 snow plow

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