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2009 Suzuki Equator

While Suzuki has been growing in reputation, many 4×4 enthusiasts are still weary of this name plate, mainly due to earlier quality control and engineering issues.  Obviously, Suzuki is not a Jeep or a Range Rover, but its quality has improved substantially.  The 2009 Suzuki Equator is just one of the newer vehicles that has been scoring high marks both off road and on by 4×4 lovers everywhere.

2009 Suzuki Equator 2009 suzuki equator

The Suzuki Equator Tech Specs
It should be noted that the Suzuki Equator Pick up is a good looking 4×4 and has its own badge and styling cues, however if you look deep enough, you will see that many of the engineering, parts and technology are shared with the Nissan Frontier.  The Equator has plenty of power which is due to its 4.0 liter V6 engine that creates a respectable 260 horsepower.  This is quite a lot for the Suzuki brand and is well received.  Other components that make this Equator an official 4×4 is it’s off road package which is branded RMZ-4 and includes full skid plating, rugged tires perfect for the trail by BFGoodrich, Bilstein shocks and even the same rear locker  that comes with the Nissan Pro 4x package.  Inside, you will find a nicely crafted interior, great features and enough space for tall men.

The Suzuki Equator on the Trail
The real test comes on the trail and the Suzuki Equator did great.  With quality components and good fundamentals, our off road trails were an easy proving ground for this solid 4×4 pick up truck.  Expect this vehicle to be out early in 2009- hopefully soon.  If you have never considered a pick up from Suzuki, now is your time to do so.  With a nice budget friendly price and solid components, you can’t go wrong with the Equator.

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