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2009 Volvo XC90

Let’s face it, when you think of a safe vehicle, you often think of VolvoVolvo has been making extremely safe vehicles for decades and while they are known for quality family vehicles, one surprise from Volvo over the years was its foray into SUV’s.  Today, you can find one of the best SUV’s on the market- the Volvo XC90.  This mid size SUV is nicely designed, offers a wealth of features and of course is quite safe with plenty of safety features for any family.

2009 Volvo XC90 2009 volvo xc90

For those looking for a very formidable SUV that is a little understated, but easily recognized as being quality, the Volvo XC90 is the perfect SUV.  While it is a little pricey and not as fuel efficient as one would like, it does offer plenty of power, is very comfortable and practical for the road and the trail.
Under the hood of the XC90 you will find a 3.2 liter I-6.  This engine produces 235 horsepower.  In addition, there is also a larger and much more powerful engine- the 4.4L V8 engine that offers 311 horsepower.

It should be noted that the smaller 3.2 liter engine comes with either 4×2 or all wheel drive, while the large engine comes standard with all wheel drive.  Both engines come with a nicely done Geartronic six speed automatic transmission.  This transmission offers selectable shifting, making driving more fun or practical.
Besides raw power, the larger engine can come with an available towing package that offers the ability to tow up to 5K pounds.

As far as safety features, pretty much every available safety feature is included, such as a wide variety of airbags, roll stability control, blind spot informational system, anti lock brakes and much more.  The price for the XC90 ranges from $37K to $50K USD.  It should be noted that the 2009 model is a carryover model from the 2008.

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