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2010 GMC Terrain

Amongst all of the SUVs that General Motors produces, the ones by GMC has always been the most posh and luxurious. Don’t get me wrong, they still feel very cheap in comparison with the European products, but at least between GM cars, they are a bit classier!

Anyway, recently GM announced details and pricing on the updated Terrian model for 2010. According to GM, the car is updated in ten different fields to be able to deliver high standard to its customers. Those ten fields include: Design, Fuel economy, MultiFlex sliding rear seat, Interior, Smart, integrated features, Direct injection and six gears, Ride and handling, safety,quality,powertrain warranty and value.

2010 GMC Terrain 2010 GMC Terrain 1

The car can be had with a 2.4-liter direct injected Ecotec engine with 183 hp and 233 nm or torque or a 3.0 liter V6 engine developing 264 hp and 301 nm. The MPG rating for the 2.4 liter engine is 22 in city and 32 in highways for FWD models and Eco mode, which must be activated via a switch in the center console. The V6 model has 25 MPG for highway driving.

For the interior the car is benefited from better quality of used materials. It also has some clever equipments such as the MultiFlex sliding rear seat which greatly increases the flexibility of the interior, allowing it to be optimized for five adult passengers or cargo, or even both. With it, the seat can be moved fore or aft nearly eight inches (200 mm). When moved rearward, it allows more legroom for rear-seat passengers than any other vehicle in its class; and when moved forward, it expands the rear cargo space. Fold down the seat and create nearly 64 cubic feet (1809 liters) of total cargo space.

2010 GMC Terrain 2010 GMC Terrain 2

Some of the other cool features that you get with the new Terrian include:

Standard rear-vision camera that provides a view of objects or people directly behind the vehicle
Standard USB audio connectivity and MP3 playback for your portable music player – plug it in and control the features right from the radio or the optional steering wheel controls
Standard OnStar provides the comfort of a live advisor to provide turn-by-turn directions or assist when things go wrong
Standard XM Satellite Radio providescoast-to-coast tunes when things are oh-so-right
Programmable power liftgate can be set to open to a lower height, clearing garage obstructions or making it easier to reach for those of shorter stature
Bluetooth hands-free phone capability , so the driver can remain focused on the road
Remote vehicle start that can be used to automatically heat up a cold 2010 GMC Terrain on a January morning , or cool it down on a hot August afternoon
Seven-inch touch screen navigation system and a 10-gigabyte hard drive. The nav system has touch screen control and the screen itself is large enough to safely view at a glance, while the 10-gig hard drive enables a radio station-like song library to be stored for instant playback through the radio
DVD-based rear-seat entertainment system with two independent screens and inputs, allowing one viewer to watch a movie and the other to play video games. The controls can be overridden from the front seat – just in case separate entertainment choices still aren’t enough to elicit rear-seat sibling harmony

2010 GMC Terrain 2010 GMC Terrain 3

Pricing for the 2010 GMC Terrian starts at $24,995 for SLE1 FWD model. A loaded SLT2 model with AWD system and features like 18-inch wheels, heated leather seats, rear park assist, a sunroof and the power liftgate stats at $29,995.

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