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4×4 Tips for Beginners Part II

When you are off roading, you will surely find yourself facing some unexpected obstacles.  Even those with plenty of experience find themselves in a tough bind or making slight mistakes that can cause their vehicle to be stuck in the mud and out of commission.  For those that are going mud bogging or enjoy playing in the mud, here are some tips that are not only common sense, but good advice for both beginners and expert drivers.

Make it Up the Hill
If you want to make it up the hill, make sure you hit the hill straight on first- this will reduce the chances of tipping, secondly straight on will also maximize your traction- 4 wheels of traction is always better than 2 or 3 wheels.  Gas is good, however let off the gas if you feel your truck tipping.  Also if you are going backwards, let off the gas and let the vehicle start rolling back gently.  Once the front of the vehicle has traction once again, slowly apply the brakes to a full stop.

4x4 Tips for Beginners Part II mud stuck

How Deep is the Mud?
If you come across a big puddle of mud that you have to cross, don’t just drive through to test it, first take a stick and see how deep it is.  Some of these mud bogs can be quite deep and being stuck in the mud all day long is no fun.  Worse, a mud hole can literally swallow your vehicle in full.  If you find yourself in the mud or plain stuck and have little traction, a good tip is to let some air out of your tires- this will give your tires more surface area and hopefully enough traction to get you of this mess.

Keep Your Windows Closed
I always laugh when giving this piece of advice.  Yes, when driving through the mud bogs, definitely keep your windows up.  The only think worse than having to constantly clean your exterior windshield and lights is having to clean your face, interior windshield and dash.

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