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BMW Succeeds Again with the X5

If you love the BMW name plate and are looking to buy an SUV, the one for you is simply the BMW X5.  There are plenty of choices available for those looking for lots of styling, luxury, power and exceptional performance, however BMW has done it again and continues to create the now legendary X5 even better every year.  This year is no exception and you will be pleased with the plenty of choices available for the engines and trim levels.  And while the X5 is not cheap, for those that are very picky about what kind of SUV they drive, the BMW offers plenty of taste and individuality.

BMW Succeeds Again with the X5 2009 bmw x5

Under the Hood of the X5
One of the things that many will like about the X5 is the choice of engines available.  While many enjoy the most performance possible, others realize, especially if they have kids in the car that they only need enough.  The X5 offers 2 engines, a 3.0 liter I-6 that produces a healthy 260 horsepower and a larger engine- a 4.8 liter V8 that produces 350 horsepower.  With 2 engines come two different trims, however both trims offer great features, plenty of safety and interior amenities.  Both trims also share the mated 6 speed automatic transmission.  This transmission comes with the Steptronic manual shift mode and XDrive which is an intelligent all wheel drive system from BMW.

Add in anti lock brakes, seating capacity for seven passengers, wood trim and leather upholstery and plenty of great amenities for the family and the X5 becomes a very capable off road vehicle or family transporter.  The price for the X5 is a little steep ranging from about $47K to $53K and with fuel efficiency below 22 mpg, it can be quite expensive to own and operate.

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