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BMW X1 to be built in China

BMW has set up a new production plant in Tiexi in the Shenyang, China mainly for the region-specific models such as the long wheelbase 5-Series, but now they are also considering bulding the X1 SUV there as well.

This will boost the production volume of this crossover. It will also expands BMW’s growing market in the promising Chinese market.

“We are confident that this market will continue to see strong growth over the next few years. Our goal is to participate in that growth over the long term,” Reithofer explained. “With our new plant in Tiexi, we will be increasing our production capacity in China to 100,000 vehicles a year from 2012 on. Over the long term, we anticipate the two plants having combined potential for as many as 300,000 vehicles a year – depending on market trends. We may realistically need this potential over the long term”.

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