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Bug Guards For Your Truck, SUV or Jeep

If you drive your truck, SUV or Jeep on the road, trails or through the countryside, one of the accessories that is not considered a necessity, but can be extremely practical to keeping your windshield clean from debris is a bug guard.  Bug guards offer 4×4 enthusiasts the perfect way to enhance and customize their truck, as well as avoid constantly cleaning off messy bugs, tar and grime off of their windshield.  For those interested in purchasing a bug guard, there are many to choose from, are usually affordable and easy to install.  Here are just some of the details.

Bug Guards For Your Truck, SUV or Jeep bug guards

Bug Guards, Perfect for Almost Any Make and Model
Bug guards, sometimes called bug deflectors or bug hood shields can be purchased for practically any make or model truck, SUV and Jeep.  Most bug guards sold are custom built to fit your specific hood type.  They are constructed to easily attach directly to the hood of your vehicle and are molded so that they offer a wrap around design to protect not only the windshield, but the hood from insects, road-kill, stones, tar and much more.

A Wide Variety of Bug Guards to Choose From
You can purchase bug guards in a wide variety of materials including chrome and composite materials.  Most are quite strong and perfect for any item that is kicked up from the road.  They are made from materials that are flexible, but solid so that they don’t vibrate from the wind at heavy speeds.  Usually, you can find bug guards that are either slightly tinted, in a smoke color or a matrix color (which mimics the look of carbon fiber).  Many are even available with football logos, NASCAR, flag logos, etc.