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Unimog 5000 Concept

The best way to celebrate 60th anniversary of an iconic vehicle is with a unique concept car, and that’s exactly what Mercedes has done for the Unimog truck.

Inspired by the early open-cabin models of 1951 and a frog! this concept Unimog is the ultimate expression of what a sporty truck would be like. The design concept has been created as joint cooperation between the MBS development team, the Daimler commercial vehicle designers in Sindelfingen and a model designing partner.

Unimog 5000 Concept Mercedes Unimog Concept

The design concept is based on the Unimog U 5000 chassis with its outstanding off-road capabilities. The traditional and well-known unique selling-point of the Unimog, its coil springs, are painted red in the concept vehicle, whereas Bertrand Janssen and his team have let its hulk of a bonnet with its typical Mercedes-Benz line and the mudguards shine out in a fresh green.

When selecting the colors used, the designers in Bertrand Janssen’s team were inspired by an unusual amphibian, the poison dart frog: Just like the Unimog it is also extremely mobile both in water and on land. And furthermore in this point it is once more the link between past and future as green was the color of the very first Unimog and numerous follow-up generations of the vehicle. The vehicle lighting is from Truck Electrics that are like stage lights, which focus the beam of light. The clearly visible, sweeping lines of the frame have been finished with high-grade trims cut from aluminum blocks. The four same-size wheels make a strong optical impression with their five star alu-rim design.

Ram Runner Kit

Besides its hybrid programs, Ram Trucks are also working with Chrysler’s performance arm Mopar to make super sport off-road trucks as well.

Some people decide to Buy a Pickup Truck with the express idea of customizing it, thereby adapting it to certain jobs or even hobbies. A good example of these modifications is the Mopar Ram Runner Kit which in brief turns your pickup truck into a full-on off-road racer inspired by Baja cars. The Mopar Ram Runner Kit, developed with successful Baja off-road racer Kent Kroeker, includes the following: Pre-Runner Stage II Lift Kit, off-road front bumper, off-road front and rear fenders, off-road rear-tire carrier, sport performance hood and cat-back exhaust. Each element of the kit may also be purchased separately. The street-legal kit may be installed by do-it-yourselfers or in a Ram dealership.

Ram Runner Kit BU010 027EV  mid

Here’s more information on the Mopar Ram Runner kit, which is available for owners of 2009 to 2011 model-year Ram 1500 models:
Pre-Runner Stage II Lift Kit: 5-link coil-spring rear suspension, 4130 chrome moly lower control arms, upper control arms, rebuildable high-angle ball joints and forged steel, high-angle tie rods, find out more here. Fourteen inches of suspension travel in front and rear, 3-inch internal bypass Fox shocks. (MSRP: $13,270, Part No. P5155662)

Off-Road Front Bumper: Steel construction with integrated aluminum skid plate, high approach angle of 41 degrees provides greater clearance over off-road obstacles. (MSRP: $1,250, Part No. P5155663)

Off-Road Rear Tire Carrier: Rear placement allows for easier access and ability to carry larger tires needed for the off-road. (MSRP: $1,010, Part No. P5155664)

Off-Road Front Fenders: Tough, durable fenders feature wider wheel wells allowing for tremendous suspension articulation, zero tire-to-body interference, and provide an imposing, aggressive look. (MSRP: $1,020, Part No. P5155665)

Off-Road Rear Fenders (6’4″ bed): Tough, durable fenders feature wider wheel wells allowing for tremendous suspension articulation, zero tire-to-body interference, and provide an imposing, aggressive appearance. (MSRP: $1,350, Part No. P5155666)

Sport Performance Hood: Stamped aluminum, dual-scooped hood with molded bezels adds to the forceful appearance of the Ram Runner Kit. (MSRP: $978, Part No. 82211065AD)

5.7L Cat-back Exhaust: Dual exhaust with chromed tips for bumper with cut-outs. (MSRP: $1,135, Part No. P5155280)

Jeep Wrangler XPLORE

Each year at the Moab Easter, besides all the amazing concept cars Chrysler brings along, aftermarket companies also reveal unique productions,in this article you will get more information about it.

Check out the new XPLORE Adventure Series Jeep Wrangler by Venchurs. It is apparently a one-off and will soon be auctioned-off to benefit the National Park Foundation. But you can order the package form Chrysler dealerships, and it includes four stages of upgrades fro your Wrangler.

Jeep Wrangler XPLORE xplore jeep wrangler

Jeep Wrangler Accessories are a great way to upgrade your Wrangler

Visually, it features matte dark green paint and Mopar and ARB accessories.The options depending on the stage include Xplore/Method Racing aluminum wheels in black or machined-finish, Bilstein 5100 Series shocks, Mopar cat-back exhaust and Xplore aluminum badges and floormats, BF Goodrich off-road tires, expedition quality ARB roof racks, rock-rails, roof-top tents, bumpers, tire carriers, Warn winches and IPF lighting; all available as mix-and-match accessories.

VW Amarok Gets New Accessories

Pickup truck users usually like to customize and enhance their vehicles with extra bits and equipments. And the best way to do so is using the company’s official accessories package. Just like this one introduced by Volkswagen for the Amaork.

The package includes different options for you to choose from, such as iPod adaptors and Bluetooth kits, to hard tops, tonneau covers and towbars, will be available for the new Volkswagen Amarok pick-up when it goes on sale in the UK on 1 May.The exterior styling kit includes décor sets with Ford License Plate Frames, side steps, plus stainless steel side rails and styling bars for the loadspace plus 19-inch wheels.

VW Amarok Gets New Accessories amarok accessories

There is a choice of accessories to offer greater security for the loadspace.  These start with a lockable toolbox designed to fit between the wheelarches, across the load bay.  Alternatively, to cover the entire loadspace there is a choice of tonneau covers, or a complete body-coloured hardtop.  Tonneau covers range from a soft waterproof cover which can be rolled out the way, or a choice of aluminium or body-coloured hard plastic covers which are lockable and hinge open for access. However, people looking for a owners manual about Ford vehicles need to check this article out.

For the interior you get stuff like seat covers and rubber or carpet floor mats for the cab, parking sensors, mud flaps, an aluminium liner for the loadspace. More off-road protection equipments are also available to order but the pricing has not been revealed yet.

Jeep Wrangler Blue Crush

For many, buying a car is an essential purchase. A car is needed for commuting, running the kids around and more. Whether you’re living in a rural area, or in a city, it’s likely owning a car will make your life easier and you won’t have to rely on others or public transport, in this article we will give you more information about it.

There’s a sense of freedom that comes with owning your own car. However, a car can be an expensive investment. And that’s not just the initial purchase. Whether you buy a car on finance or have saved up to buy it outright, that is just one cost that you need to consider. Even if you got a great deal on the price of your car, if the running costs are high, that won’t matter in the long run.

2011 Moab Easter Jeep Safari:

Blue Crush! Now that’s a weird name. But the car itself is such a stunner.It looks like one of those extreme off-roaders they race in Iceland, mixed with inspirations from the King of the Hammers race in the deserts of California, the Jeep Wrangler Blue Crush combines high-speed off-road racing and rock-crawling capability.

Power comes from a Mopar 426 cubic-inch HEMI with 540 horsepower. The all-aluminum V-8 is paired with a 545RFE performance transmission and a gear-drive transfercase.

Jeep Wrangler Blue Crush Jeep Wrangler Blue Crush

To help the suspension keep up with the engine, Mopar added a high-speed, performance off-road suspension system with internal bypass shocks, front stabilizer bar and full hydro-steering. Gigantic 39-inch tires are turned with the help of custom driveshafts ( Chek the Driveshaft Balance Cost). The Wrangler Blue Crush also features a baja-style full cage, race seats, fuel cell and short aluminum