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Datsun 720

The Datsun 720 was Nissan Datsun’s truck from 1980 to 1986, and was considered to be one of their better models with a sleek design for the time and a reliable vehicle overall.  The Datsun 720 came with the regular two door cab or the King Cab four door cab, and also was in the classic model of a front engine mount two wheel rear drive and also a four wheel front engine mounted style.  The 720 was powered by the 2.0L carbureted L20B engine initially and that maintained the efficiency they wanted, however soon after it was replaced.  There were many engines available for the little truck, and they were all sufficient at the time.  One of the nice things about the Datsun 720 is that it proved to be quite mod-able into having fuel injected engines with its very standard mounting, and many folks have taken do adding fuel injected engines and improving the overall power of the vehicles.

Today an assortment of repair kits can be found for the 720, as it has proven to be a popular collector vehicle and cheap at that.  The basic kits have all the gaskets you need along with needle valves and fuel filters along with other kits for bearings and power valves for the carburetor.  This model spawned many others including the Nissan Hardbody and the Nissan Frontier.  Overall the 720 Datsun was a competent truck capable of hauling small to medium loads, and adept at being very fuel friendly and economical for those who could not afford the much larger mid sized and full sized pickups that ranged from a few thousand to ten thousand or more dollars.  In the end it was a successful truck that will soon be more of a collector’s item than anything else because of how desirable it was at the time.