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Ford Ranger Pickup In UK

British customers can now get something close to the mighty Ford F150 Raptor with the new Ford Ranger, if a new car isn’t in your financial budget, consider looking at some used cars for sale.

It has proven itself to be a given for years now: ford never fails to impress. This great looking utility pickup makes it’s UK debut at the Commercial Vehicle show in Birmingham, and is no different. Offering exceptional towing capability and Smart technologies including Adaptive Load Control, Trailer Sway Control, Voice Control and the segment’s first rear-view camera system, all state-of-the-art features that make for a high-tech smooth ride. With Commercial Truck Parts for Sale, you may be able to personalize your truck.

Ford Ranger Pickup In UK rangr 1

The new Ford Ranger will be on sale around November this year and available in three different cab body styles, 4×2 and 4×4 drivetrains, two ride heights and four series choices. With an all-new chassis frame, front and rear suspension and power steering system, Ranger delivers outstanding towing capability of 3,300kg, up 300kg on the current model.

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As for the powertrains, you have the choice of either a new Dagenham-built 2.2-litre Ford Duratorq TDCi I4 diesel engine with peak torque of 375Nm and power output of 110kW (150PS), or the highly responsive and efficient new 3.2-litre, Ford Duratorq TDCi I5 diesel engine with 470Nm of torque and power rated at 147kW (200PS). Moreover, if you are looking for used vehicles, a second-hand Ford is one of the best options you have because of its durability.

Ford Territory SUV

This is the new Ford Territory and if you have never heard of it that’s probably because it’s an Australian-designed-and-developed SUV.

This large and manly Sport Utility is far more functional, agricultural, than your typical BMW X5 or Range Rover. Despite this, Ford engineers tried to give it a sophisticated presence using kinetic design language. Of course they were not allowed to make it look too like Ford Europe’s products.

This Lazy Daze motorhome is an excellent vehicle for any trip, or weekend getaway. It was built in 1998, before the days of modern gas, electric, or even water power. This type of motor home was designed with the traveler in mind. It is very roomy, with large galley rooms that offer good ventilation and plenty of seating. It has room for six people to comfortably travel, yet it still manages to pack in enough for two adults and their luggage.

Ford Territory SUV Ford Territory 2012

The new Ford Territory’s fundamental interior architecture remains unchanged and starts with its seven-seat “theatre-style” seating layout (standard fitment on Titanium and TS, optional at extra cost on TX). Each of the three variants – TX, TS and Titanium – receives unique cabin treatments taken from new Territory’s kinetic design DNA. Customers will instantly feel at home with the clearly visible Ford design language obvious in the new Ford Territory’s enhanced interior space.

Ford has not yet confirmed technical specs of the car, but it’ll get a TDCi V6 engine.

2011 Ford Ranger Details

Ford released official details and images of the 2011 Ranger pickup truck which features an awesome new look.

Even though it is not going to be sold in America, it seems to be designed with American standards, as it looks so macho and cool! It is also very rigid and comes with sophisticated suspension capable of dealing with heavy off-roading.

2011 Ford Ranger Details 2011 ford ranger 1

As for the engines, you can have it with either a new Dagenham-built 2.2-litre Ford Duratorq TDCi I4 diesel engine with peak torque of 375Nm and power output of 110kW (150PS), or the 3.2-litre, Ford Duratorq TDCi I5 diesel engine with a powerful 470Nm of torque and power rated at 147kW (200PS).

2011 Ford Ranger Details 2011 ford ranger 3

The cargo box of the new Double Cab is more than 100mm wider than before – 1,549mm long by 511mm high and with a maximum cargo width of 1,560mm. Volume is an impressive 1.21 cubic metres.

Ford F150 EcoBoost Baja 1000 Racer

The new generation Ford F-150 was born in Baja and now it’s going back to claim the title in the Baja 1000 race.

And it’s specially prepared for the job, with racing-grade chassis and suspension and tires and… an EcoBoost engine!

Ford F150 EcoBoost Baja 1000 Racer Ford F150 EcoBoost Baja

The Ford F150 EcoBoost Baja racer gets a 3.5-liter engine with 365 hp at 5,000 rpm and 420 lb.-ft. of torque at 2,500 rpm.

This might be a heavy duty racing engine with extraordinary capabilities to tolerate rough conditions of Baja, but it’s also quite frugal for its type.

2011 Ford Explorer In Dubai

As one of the major markets for the new generation Explorer, Ford counts on middle east and specifically UAE market. That’s why they’ve spent a great deal of time in the deserts of Dubai trying to refine the car for the extreme weather conditions of that country.

With a 50 percent humidity factor, the equivalent temperature can exceed 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Engineers fitted an Explorer test vehicle with interior temperature sensors in the very places where occupants would be sensitive. A majority of the adjustments the team makes to improve air conditioning performance will find their way into all Explorers.

2011 Ford Explorer In Dubai 2011 Ford Explorer dubai

Dubai also offers unique terrain characteristics to validate Explorer 4WD capabilities.

“The sweltering heat and humidity conditions of Dubai have helped us develop a better Explorer,” said Chief Engineer for Vehicle Engineering Don Ufford. “With midday temperatures pushing 125 degrees Fahrenheit – aggravated by high humidity near the sea coast – Dubai represents an ideal environment to test and validate vehicle performance in some of the world’s most extreme conditions.”

“We regularly sell close to 10,000 Explorers per year in the Middle East market,” Ufford says. “SUV drivers in this part of the world regularly use the broad range of capabilities these vehicles offer. Our rationale for testing in Dubai is simple: If we can perform well here, we can do well anywhere.”