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An Overview on GMC Truck Running Boards

So you drive GMC! That is really a tough beast to beat and has wonderful attributes to outlast extreme conditions. From professional jobs to adventures on rough terrain the GMC fits all. If you have GMC or a SUV you will definitely need one of the most popular accessories for your vehicle called running boards. GMC truck running boards are particularly helpful and useful because such a board makes it easier for everyone to access the truck’s cabin. Besides that the GMC truck running boards provide aesthetic look to your car. They make the beast look sexier and tougher.

The ground clearance of your GMC vehicle may seem quite high to you and it can be hard to climb into a cab especially after a long day’s work. But to make things easier you install the GMC truck running boards on either side of the vehicle. You put your leg and easily enter into the cabin. While selecting the truck running boards, be very careful and choose the boards which suit the look of your car and match the personality of the vehicle.

An Overview on GMC Truck Running Boards running board

While shopping GMC truck running boards online you will come across a wide selection of running boards for your truck. The boards would be made of different materials and come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Choose truck running boards which are made of lightweight and high strength material like aluminium. The plastic coated truck running boards too are good. They enhance the sturdy look of the vehicle. The top surfaces of the boards must have serial ridges that would provide protection to your feet when you step on with boots full of snow or mud. Moreover the running boards must be made of material which are resistant to corrosion for long time.

Installing GMC truck running boards
In most cases you won’t require drilling to install the latest collection of GMC truck running boards. The systems are designed to use the existing location of frame that facilitates the mounting process. You can outfit the running boards on your vehicle yourself just in simple steps. But it may depend on the brand of the running board you buy for your vehicle. All brands are not as simple as that like GMC boards.

Usually GMC running boards are hot sellers and the company manufactures wonderful collection of running boards that can be installed in just few simple steps. But if you find it difficult to install the boards take the truck to professionals who will install the GMC truck running boards the best way. While he installs the running boards make sure that you observe him keenly so that next time when you change the boards you can install them yourself.

2009 GMC Canyon

While GMC is known for its mid size and larger, professional grade trucks, one vehicle that is getting noticed, especially by budget conscious customers is the GMC Canyon.  The GMC Canyon is a budget friendly truck that comes in three basic models, a regular cab, extended cab and crew cab.  Perfect for small businesses or for those that require power the Canyon offers plenty of options and several engines available- all of which are competent.  In addition, 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive models are available.  While not a star like the F 150 or Dodge Ram, the GMC Canyon is making a name for itself and for those that like the GMC brand, you won’t be disappointed.

2009 GMC Canyon gmc canyon 2009

A Choice of Engines to Choose From
One of the reasons the Canyon is a success is the choice of engines available for this vehicle.  The smallest engine is a 2.9 liter I-4 that delivers a healthy 185 horsepower and decent fuel efficiency.  Other engines include the 3.7 liter I-5 ( a five cylinder) that delivers 242 horsepower and a 5.3 liter V8 that offers lots more power with 300 horsepower.  It should be noted that the largest engine (the 5.3 liter V8) is only available on the extended cab and crew cab body styles.  Besides several engines, there is a choice between a four speed automatic transmission and a five speed automatic transmission.

Other features include plenty of safety features that are all standard, a pair of suspension choices which include the Z85 and Z71 off road suspension and interior amenities that make driving more comfortable.  The sticker price for the 2009 GMC Canyon ranges from a very low $16,700 all the way up to about $30K making this vehicle definitely worth the look.

2009 GMC Yukon Hybrid

One of the legendary GMC vehicles has been the Yukon.  The Yukon which is a huge SUV, is actually the smaller, sister version of the Suburban.  And while the Yukon offers plenty of room, capability and functionality, one of the downsides of this vehicle is the poor fuel efficiency.  However, over the years with advances in hybrid technology, the Yukon has been given a hybrid version from GM.  It should be noted that while the Yukon has a hybrid engine, power and performance definitely do not lack.  It should also be noted that fuel efficiency while not great, is much better than the normal gas version vehicle.

2009 GMC Yukon Hybrid 2009 gmc yukon hybrid

What’s Under the Hood of the 2009 GMC Yukon Hybrid
With the Yukon Hybrid, you should know that you don’t have to skimp on performance.  This baby still offers a huge engine to handle almost any workload or family for that matter.  It has a 6.0 liter engine that is a V8 and offers 332 horsepower- quite nice for a hybrid.  The hybrid portion of the vehicle is GM’s advanced 2 mode hybrid system.  It offers an electrically variable transmission and a 300 volt storage system.  It should also be noted that there is an active fuel management system on board that makes sure this baby sips gas when advantageous- such as on the highway.  Other tech specs requiring the hybrid system include a nickel metal hydride (NIMH) battery and a nice warranty that covers the engine and hybrid components for 8 years or 100K miles.

Regarding fuel efficiency, the Yukon Hybrid offers 20-21 mpg in city driving and 20-22 mpg on the highway.  Not good, but also not that bad. The price for the 2009 Yukon Hybrid ranges from about $50K to $54K and it should be noted that the 2009 model is a carryover from 2008.

2009 GMC Envoy

GMC, while one of the largest producers of trucks and SUV’s continues to do well in many areas.  For 4×4 enthusiasts looking for a professional grade SUV with plenty of comfort for the family, the 2009 GMC Envoy continues to be a great vehicle.  While it has been a mainstay, the Envoy has always delivered the goods and offered plenty of power, capability and functionality.  Whether you use this vehicle for commuting, for work or to hit the trails, the GMC Envoy is a great choice for an SUV and for those on their second or even third Envoy, the 2009 GMC Envoy is worth the look.

2009 GMC Envoy 2009 gmc envoy

The 2009 GMC Envoy Offers Power and Performance in a Mid Size SUV
One of the reasons the GMC Envoy has always done well is that there is plenty of power and performance in this vehicle.  For the 2009 model, there is a choice of two engines, the first, the smaller engine offers a 4.2L I-6 that delivers a very respectable 285 horsepower.  If you are looking for the most power possible, you can opt for the slightly larger 4.2 liter V8 that delivers a healthy 300 horsepower.

In addition to the choice of two engines, the GMC Envoy also offers a choice of either 4×2 or a 4×4 transmission.  For those that require off road capability, the 4×4 transmission is the obvious choice.  It should be noted that both transmission comes with an automatic four speed.  While the GMC Envoy is a beauty as it is, if you are looking for plenty of luxury, you can choose the Denali upscale model.  The Denali has been a mainstay of the GMC Envoy for some time and offers exceptional luxury at a decent price.  Besides all the luxury, there are plenty of safety features including a full compliment of airbags, electronic stability control, anti lock brakes and much more.

2009 GMC Sierra 3500 HD Regular Cab 4WD

GMC which is obviously a brand of GM, has been making headway in the truck and SUV market as being a brand made especially for small businesses and professionals.  These trucks are made with durability and heavy duty use in mind and for the most part, GMC definitely delivers.  The 2009 GMC Sierra is a popular truck for GMC and the 3500 HD regular cab with 4WD is perfect for plenty of businesses that require power, reliability, performance and a decent price.  The Sierra succeeds on all these points and more.

2009 GMC Sierra 3500 HD Regular Cab 4WD gmc sierra

Under the Hood of the of Sierra 3500
Under the hood, you will find a very large engine ready to tow and haul just about anything you can throw at it.  The engine is a 6.6 liter V8 engine with 32 valves and delivering 365 hp @3200 rpm.  It should be noted that this vehicle is diesel and is also bio diesel capable.  Matched to this engine is a nice 6 speed automatic transmission that offers precise shifting and plenty of torque.  The Sierra 3500 offers a 97 inch bed and is able to tow up to 11,400 (GVWR Max) with a standard towing capacity of about 5,300.  The Tires are 17 inch radials and they definitely have a lot of grip.

The Exterior
Regarding the exterior, the truck itself looks handsome and rugged.  It weighs in over 6,000 lbs and offers decent gas mileage as a diesel.  It should also be noted that the 4 wheel drive is always on and the Sierra 3500 is ready to hit the trails at a moments notice.  Regarding price, the Sierra 3500 HD is budget friendly for small and medium businesses coming in with a base price in the low 30’s.