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Oshkosh Trucks

When most people hear the term Oshkosh, they think of OshKosh B’Gosh, the makers of children’s toys and clothes. However, Oshkosh trucks do not resemble children’s toys at all, unless you count their Hot Wheels replicas, because they are some of the most powerful trucks on the road. Oshkosh trucks are made to stand the test of time and trouble which is why they are often used as snow mobile trucks, defence trucks, emergency trucks, and military trucks. When it comes to Oshkosh trucks, there is absolutely no kidding around about the strength of these powerful vehicles, which are similar to towing trucks which are essential to move cars around, so if you need towing Kendall towing offers roadside assistance 24 hours a day.

Oshkosh trucks started making trucks with the simple goal of making four-wheel trucks that could stand the test of time. The first truck that Oshkosh trucks manufactured was called Old Betsy but soon after its invention, World War II began and Oshkosh trucks had loftier goals. From there, Oshkosh along with a military specification coating supplier started building military trucks for transport and battle that could handle every type of terrain and also they are built with strength so nothing could get in the way. If you have ever seen photos of the jeeps that are used in the current Iraqi war then you have already seen Oshkosh trucks without even being aware.

Oshkosh Trucks oshkosh truck

While the jeeps may not look intimidating, Oshkosh trucks are made of real metal to give them their sheer strength without any fiberglass. Due to this fact, Oshkosh trucks are many tons heavier than any of their normal vehicle counterparts. One of the reasons for the extra weight besides brute strength is that the Oshkosh trucks will never have to worry about flipping. In fact, for any Oshkosh truck to flip, it would have to be hit by another one of its own, which is highly unlikely. This is very important, not just for defence Oshkosh trucks but also for those that are also used as emergency vehicles.

Therefore, you are not likely to see defence trucks on the road, unless you happen to live near a military base. However, the next time there is a huge snowstorm, you may see more than just a few Oshkosh trucks because they will be out on the road plowing the snow and dropping salt. That’s right, many communities use Oshkosh trucks as their snow plows because they are built to withstand everything and they do not flip which is very important for areas that experience high levels of snow fall.

You may also see Oshkosh trucks in many communities when you pass by emergency stations because they are also commonly used as fire trucks. Additionally, in logging communities Oshkosh trucks are often used for transporting wood because they are strong trucks with four-wheel drive so they can withstand the terrains that exist in the woods. Hence, even though you may not be aware of it, in most cases you have probably seen many Oshkosh trucks in your community every day taking care of you without your knowledge.