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Volvo FH Ocean Race

In honor of the eleventh Volvo Ocean Race this year, The Swedish truck maker announced a special limited edition of 600 specially-designed ‘Volvo Ocean Race’ Volvo FH and Volvo FH16 trucks.

The cab is available in two colours: a white ‘Millennium Silver Metallic’ and a dark blue ‘Dark Knight Pearl’. Both colours have been especially chosen for the Volvo Ocean Race Limited Edition and so have the black painted grille, the side stripes with a wave decoration and the globetrotter sign displaying the words ‘Volvo Ocean Race’. There are also ‘Limited Edition’ emblems on the sides of the cab, and also the service for this type of truck is useful,  and you can contact Charles Car Service today to learn more about our mobile car service and how we can help meet your needs for your car or truck, I  also found the best bumper repair services near me.

Volvo FH Ocean Race fh ocean race

The sailing-inspired interior features exclusive materials and details. With plenty of leather, exclusive seams and embroidered details, the driver area exudes quality and craftsmanship. The leather-covered seats are embellished with a blue accent colour, while other interior details such as the steering wheel, mats, door panels and grab rails have unique accent blue stitching. Curtain retainers made of sheet cord are an unexpected feature that heightens the overall effect, go here for Extra resources. bumper repair services near me

The Volvo Ocean Race Limited Edition will be available for order from June 20th, with the first of the trucks to be delivered in mid-September – a few weeks before the start of the 2011 Volvo Ocean Race.

Volvo FE Hybrid

Volvo is very serious about launching a hybrid range of trucks as they celebrate premiere of the FE Hybrid in Europe.

Following a series of comprehensive field tests limited series production of approximately 100 hybrid trucks is now underway and deliveries are expected to commence in selected markets in Europe will occur from 2011 to 2013. The Volvo FE Hybrid will initially be delivered to 13 European countries, and sales may be extended to additional markets in the longer term.

Volvo FE Hybrid Volvo FE Hybrid

The Volvo FE Hybrid is a parallel hybrid, which means that energy from the diesel engine and electric motor can be utilised either together or independently of one another. The system switches automatically between the two power sources. When the hybrid is driven in first gear, the vehicle is powered solely by its electric motor, this is EV intelligence, giving the driver alert throttle response and thus excellent driveability. Then, when the hybrid mode kicks in, the diesel engine and the electric motor will work in parallel to optimise fuel savings. Talk with a company that will install a level two 240v Electric Vehicle (EV) outlet and upgrade to a better vehicle’s performance.

The new quieter and cleaner hybrid trucks offer  fuel savings of up to 30 per cent and will primarily be used in distribution and refuse operations in urban environments. The trucks will be manufactured in limited series production because the advanced hybrid technology requires customised production solutions. Battery technology is also constantly evolving. This means that the company’s after sales organisation must be trained in parallel to provide the right service to customers.

“Our new Volvo FE Hybrid is a fantastic high-tech truck, which has already created a large amount of interest. It’s clear that there is a great demand for heavy hybrids,” says Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks’ Europe Division.

“The fact that we are starting production of hybrids now is tremendously inspiring and important for future product development since some form of hybrid technology will exist in most trucks in the future. Hybridization is definitely an important piece of the puzzle for more fuel efficient transport,” says Claes Nilsson.

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Volvo Trucks iPad Magazine

Volvo is possibly the first brand to launch an iPad magazine for its commercial trucks and it’s specially configured for iPad and written in English to target a global reading public.

Volvo Trucks has a long tradition of communicating with customers and other players through editorial articles, both in print and online. Now the company is taking yet another step forward by focusing on tablet computers, starting with the iPad.

Volvo Trucks iPad Magazine VolvoTrucks ipad

‘Volvo Trucks Magazine’will feature stories about life on the road, articles about technology and product development and analyses of important issues facing the industry. Topics may include anything from how to minimise fuel consumption to how to increase safety belt use.

“We are always on the look-out for new ways of reaching our target groups,” says Tommy Kohle, Senior Vice President Corporate Communications at Volvo Trucks. “We see this as a useful and effective way of spotlighting issues that concern our company, the breadth and depth of our technical expertise and, not least, the exciting assignments carried out by many of our customers.”

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Volvo Concept Truck For 2020

Volvo has always been a pioneer in developing business truck, and they are one of, if not the, best names in this field. So when they are talking about the future, they’re really onto something!

This futuristic truck you see here is their vision for 2020. Apart from the fancy design, this truck is also dripping with technology with the main focus on the driver. They want to make the job easier for the driver by autopilot, driven non-stop in nose-to-tail convoys on green super-motorways linking the continents.

Volvo Concept Truck For 2020 Volvo Concept Truck 2020

They also ambitious ideas to make road transport as safe as possible:

As road transport expands it must also become safer and more efficient. Volvo’s design concept contains ideas about how that can be achieved. Some of these ideas can be integrated into production today, while others are there to arouse interest and start a discussion.

One of the more startling ideas is to link vehicles together wirelessly into long road-trains that rush across the continents at 90 km/h (56 mph).

“This will be possible when the transport sector’s vision of green corridors becomes reality,” says Rikard Orell. “Here heavy goods vehicles are separated from other traffic, driving in their own lanes, rather like a railway, but without the rails.”

There are many advantages. Road safety increases, transport services require less space and wear and tear on the roads decreases. Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions drop thanks to reduced drag when a truck is in the slipstream of the vehicle in front. In addition the driver can rest behind the wheel while the truck effectively drives itself. If this is counted as idle time, transport times can be cut, deliveries will be made more quickly and drivers can get back to their friends and families earlier.

Spacious and airy driver environment

The driver is at the center of Volvo’s world. It goes without saying that a design concept from Volvo Trucks contains a great many ideas about the development of the driver environment. In the Volvo Concept Truck 2020 the driver’s environment is spacious, airy and free of disruption.

“We have replaced the traditional dashboard with a thin film panel on which information is tailored to suit the driver,” says Rikard Orell. “The panel is operated like a touchpad, just like an iPhone. We have saved a lot of space that way.”

Another space-saving idea is the sleek driver’s seat with its thin, ventilated mesh backrest, more like a modern office chair than a traditional driver’s seat. Behind the driver is a futon sofa which folds out into a wide, comfortable bed in the evening.

The lighting in the cab is divided into zones customised for the driver’s various in-cab tasks, or for resting. Around the driver are large areas of glass providing good visibility out of the vehicle and even into it. According to https://localaccidentreports.com/category/new-york/ this benefits eye contact between the driver and other road users preventing accidents which will avoid many as per the car accident reports in Florida. Privacy screening and blackout in the evening are also controlled electronically.

Aerodynamic collision protection

The design team also aimed for a sleek look for the exterior, reducing the perception of the vehicle’s size. The LED headlamps and indicators are integrated into the front of the vehicle. The rear-view mirrors have been replaced by cameras that project their images onto the inside of the windscreen.

The lower section of the front of the vehicle features integrated collision protection projecting forwards about half a metre. This ‘nose’ is gentler on oncoming cars in the event of a head-on collision and has also been shown to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

As Rikard Orell points out, “Because the nose is a safety function, our starting point has been that it does not count as part of the maximum permitted vehicle length, just as rear-view mirrors today are outside the maximum permitted width.”

Some things you just do not change. The ‘Globetrotter’ sign on the roof is still there, but has been redesigned so that it harmonises with the lines of the vehicle and reduces drag. The driver can also change the text on the sign from the instrument panel.

The rear end is the next stage

So work on the external design focuses largely on aerodynamics, but by how much is it really possible to reduce drag on a truck ?

“We have come so far with the front of the vehicle that further changes to the basic shape provide only marginal improvements,” says Rikard Orell. “However, a lot will happen when we start work on the design of the rear end of the vehicle. There is a great deal of untapped aerodynamic potential there.”

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Volvo FMX Details

As we reported earlier, Volvo is introducing a new edition of construction trucks by unveiling the tough and rugged FMX series. Now the company has released further details of this business vehicle.

Based on the successful FM platform, this truck can be had with either an 11-litre engine (330hp-450hp) or the 13-litre engine (380hp-500hp). The recently updated construction version of the automated I-Shift gearbox makes it possible to ‘rock free’ from almost any situation. In addition, a new load sensor sends precise load weight information to I-Shift for an optimal gear sequence and smooth gear start. Massive braking power – 375 kW at 2300 rpm – is provided by Volvo Engine Brake Plus on the 13-litre unit.

Volvo FMX Details volvo fmx truck

New features on the Volvo FMX :

  1. New upper grill, inspired by the FH series, contributes to a modern look. The Volvo iron mark is larger and more visible, while the FMX globe sign makes a bold statement.
  2. New central towing device offers robust and reliable tool for towing or shunting, and can handle up to 25 tonnes jus like some of the Tow Truck In Cumming GA units. The lower front has been extended 165 mm.
  3. New anti-slip cab instep with an optional foldable extension step helps ensure the best possible grip in all weather conditions.
  4. New ladder and grab handle available on the day cab give the driver a quick and convenient overview of the load directly from the door opening.
  5. New load sensor provides weight load information to the recently updated construction version of the I-Shift gearbox for an optimised gear sequence and smooth start.
  6. Rugged construction mirror installation that is better able to withstand external damage and scratching.
  7. New, modern headlight design with durable headlight mesh protection that helps prevent stone chipping, without interfering with the optional high-pressure headlight cleaner.
  8. New rugged fog lights set in the steel corners of the bumper.
  9. New rugged steel bumper in a 3-part design: 3 mm thick steel outer corners, a robust skid plate and a new heavy-duty pull bar that helps protect the vital components behind it.
  10. New anti-slip footstep integrated in the skid plate provides easy and convenient access to the windscreen for cleaning. The options of an extra foldable extension step and/or a front grab handle on the upper grille are available for even easier access.
  11. Heavy-duty engine protection helps protect vital components.
  12. New rugged steel fuel tanks have been raised for higher clearance.
  13. A new, higher air intake position on the day cab is available as an option that optimises the quality of the air to the engine, while also improving visibility when reversing.
  14. New preparation kits and mounting options for working lights and reverse lights are available to choose from, making it easier to meet specific requirements.
  15. New robust rubber mats with flanges to keep dirt and mud within the mat area for easy cleaning.
  16. Three new interior trims to choose from: vinyl seats and door panels, textile seats and vinyl door panels or plush seats and door panels. Leather seat is optional.
  17. Three new interior accessories contribute to improved driver comfort: a table with dedicated space for cups and pens, a practical storage box and a paper holder in water resistant fabric.

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