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Types of Truck Tire Rims

Trucks or pick-ups are no doubt commonly used for business purposes mainly for merchandise, but that by no means state that your truck has no right to look good and stylish. The truck tire rims of tyres bromley are accessories which are extremely popular among masses because of their eye catching appeals, unique look, enhancing performance of the vehicle, and easy to clean features. The truck rims are manufactured in different styles and designs to provide extraordinary looks to the vehicles.

A perfect set of truck tire rims will set your vehicle apart from others, you might also be interested on checking this Modified Nissan 370z.

Types of Truck Tire Rims truck tire rim

Today truck tire rims are not just means to enhance the aesthetic look of the vehicles but they are important parts which affect the performance of you truck. The wheel and rim work hand in hand to provide your truck good grip on all types of roads. A good set of truck rims improves performance of the vehicle on roads and prevents accidents that are caused on extreme bad weathers. If you or a loved one were seriously injured as a pedestrian, you should contact a pedestrian accident attorney to learn about your legal rights.

Choose ideal set of rims for your truck to keep its performance updated. There are three types of truck tire rims that you can find in the market for your vehicle.

Stainless Steel Rims: Stainless steel rims are good types of rims for trucks because they don’t rust easily. The steel rims have strength which is twice of chrome rims. The steel rims usually come installed with the vehicle.

Chrome Rims: They are pretty stylish and made of light material. The chrome truck tire rims reduce the weight of vehicle and also enhance the aesthetic look of your truck. Chrome rims can be customized according to individual needs. They are available from 16 inches to 27 inches of sizes. Some popular brands which manufacture chrome rims are NAD, Lowenhart, Wheels, Vellano, Wolfhart, BBS Wheels, Motegi Racing, Wolfrace, MOZ, American Racing Wheels and others.

Radial Rims: These rims are for toughest conditions and they are premium rims have dissipating tread design for longer life, rock solid performance. These rims can help your truck carry your cargo very safe way. The rims come is full range of sizes to match the most popular brands of trucks and are designed for your truck’s attitude.

While you choose truck tire rims try to choose wheels that suit your truck and can enhance its performance. The choice should be based on good grip, style and performance on the road. Always choose rims from reputed brands or from the same manufacture of your truck.

Pimped Out Trucks

Have you ever noticed trucks that pass you while on the road that seem decked out in full glory with shiny rims, head-turning vehicle wraps and a loud bass line coming out of the windows? Sounds like you have passed a pimped out truck in your travels. Hardy Signs vehicle wraps are an effective business marketing tool. For those who are wondering exactly what pimped out trucks are, just think about the cars from the film ‘The Fast and the Furious’ and apply those features to a truck and you have a pretty good idea. Of course, not everybody has sat through ‘The Fast and the Furious’ and know what Car wrap to look for, which is why we have compiled a nice list of signs of pimped out trucks for you.

First and foremost, one thing you will always notice about pimped out trucks is that they are always shiny and clean. The paint jobs or auto vinyl wrapping will be sparkling next to the silver lined trimming and rims. The more metal that blings and catches your eyes, the higher the status symbol among drivers on the road. For this reason you are more than likely going to notice serious bling on any pimped out trucks.

Pimped Out Trucks pimped out truck

After you’ve been blinded by the glare of the shiny parts, the next giveaway of pimped out trucks is often the lowrider feature. Pimped out trucks often seem to be sitting practically on the ground with very small tires. This makes them appear slim and shear which is a priority among those who drive pimped out trucks. Amazingly enough, the lowride feature can be found among many different varieties of pimped out trucks from your standard pickup to a hummer to a SUV. Any one of the pimped out trucks can be made to practically sit on the ground and if you travel frequently, you will notice this.

Third, you know that you are approaching pimped out trucks if you see neon lights highlighting the features of the car. You may see these lights tracing the windows inside the pimped out trucks or may notice that the license plate is illuminated with lights around it. Therefore, if you cannot help but look at a because a truck is so shiny, you are probably passing a pimped out truck.

Now that you know all the physical traits of pimped out trucks it should not be hard to pick one out of the crowd of drivers on the highway. In fact, that is the whole point of driving a pimped out truck, to be noticed. However, if you want one more sign that you are about to pass some pimped out trucks just open your windows and listen for them. The bass line of the radio playing on pimped out trucks can usually be heard from about a mile away. Why such expensive sound systems? Because they can!

Jacked Up Trucks

Do you like the sensation of being a road warrior while driving? Does a monster truck rally on TV make you drool with excitement? Sounds like you may be in need of a jacked up truck. For those who may have never heard the term “jacked up truck” before, a jacked up truck is simply a truck that has been lifted extensively off the ground by unusually large tires. Almost any type of pickup truck can be made into a jacked up truck simply by changing the tires to ones that have a thick tread and a very large diameter.

One notable feature of a jacked up truck that often catches your eye is that the wheel sits below the wheel well. This is because oftentimes the truck wheels are much larger than originally intended by the designer so they simply will not fit into the well. It is this overbearing look that many people recognize as a sign of power and control when they look at a jacked up truck. After all, large wheels mean maximum 4X4 road strength and provide much larger terrain ability while driving.

Jacked Up Trucks jacked up truck

Of course, the real thrill of driving a jacked up truck is sitting inside it and looking down at the other cars on the road. Oftentimes the jacked up truck is so high off the ground that you can essentially look down on other cars that do not even stand higher than the wheels. Thus, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are the largest vehicle on the road and in control. While you may have to step up a bit to get into the driver’s seat, once you are up there will be little on the road that can threaten you except for another jacked up truck.

Jacked up trucks became fashionable due to the popularity of monster truck rallies. There is not a set standard that differentiates a monster truck from a jacked up truck. For this reason many people like the idea of driving a monster truck because they feel like they could potentially role over their competition on the road if they wanted to. Of course, you cannot do this, but the feeling that you could be driving in a monster truck rally is a fun fantasy to entertain while driving down the road. This is why most people who own jacked up trucks enjoy driving them daily as it spices up their daily life.

Finally, a jacked up truck can also be practical for many reasons as well, if you live in an area where you are often driving over rough terrain or unpaved roads. Many people in the country use jacked up trucks because they allow them to drive through rough land and back roads without concern about tearing out the engine pieces underneath. After all, if you are four feet off the ground there is very little chance of ever bottoming out no matter where you are!

Customize Your Truck for Style

For most truck lovers, there isn’t anything better than a great looking truck.  If you own a pick up truck or any other type of vehicle and want it to look unique, you can order custom truck or car wraps.

Here are a few more tips that can really set your vehicle apart from the rest of the trucks in your area.

Customize Your Truck for Style custom truck

Wheels and Tires
Just like car owners like to customize with car body kits for ultimate style, your truck can also easily look better with nice new tires and shiny customized rims.  Wheels are usually some of the easiest components to upgrade.  Many truck owners usually upgrade their tires to ones that are not only thicker, but also larger.  For instance, going from 18 inch to 20 inch wheels or larger is quite common.  It should be noted that if you are going with thicker wheels make sure that your tire wells are able to cover the width of the wheel, if not your vehicle can be illegal on the street or require wheel well extensions so that your tires do not kick up rocks and other debris on the road.

Fog Lights
Let’s face it, lighting can add style and functionality to your vehicle.  It is quite easy to add some fog lights to your vehicle or even off road lighting.  Whether you hit the trails or not, lighting is one way to enhance your pick up truck.  And the cost of most lighting is relatively affordable costing only a few hundred bucks.

Brush Guards
Brush guards are another way to add style and make you and your vehicle ready for the harshest off road trails.  These guards come in a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit your truck perfectly.  They not only protect your vehicle from tree branches and bushes, but are perfect for pushing objects out of your way.

Finally, you may consider truck window tinting or car window tinting not just to improve your privacy but also to help cool down the temperature inside your vehicle.


Top Truck Maintenance

If you own a truck, SUV or Jeep, keeping it well maintained is very important to ensuring high performance and safety of you and your occupants.  However, there are a few tips to learn to not only save some money- avoiding unneeded maintenance, but to also ensure quality parts go into your vehicle so that it lasts and is functional for the many years to come.  Here are some tips.

Top Truck Maintenance truck maintenance

Before You Schedule Maintenance Check the Owner’s Manual
While many people want to make sure their vehicle is in top shape, you don’t necessarily have to over do it.  Before you schedule maintenance, check the owner’s manual for the intervals necessary.  For instance, if you drive your vehicle normally, you probably won’t require an oil change every 3K miles or 3 months.  This can save you big in the long run.

Have Your Truck Inspected Every 6 Month
Unfortunately, for those that use their truck for business, you can put plenty of wear and tear on it quickly. For example, small chips or cracks on your truck’s windshield will require windshield repair services.  If the windshield is beyond repair, get this EXPERT WINDSHIELD REPLACEMENT YOU CAN TRUST. While your truck is usually built to be more durable than the average car, it still can develop problems that can be quite costly.  To head off serious problems, inspect your truck every 6 months, so if there is something brewing, you won’t have to wait till it is broken- which can cost you not only the cost of the part, but the downtime as well. This is why a trucking company should invest in regular fleet repairs and maintenance services.

Don’t be Penny Wise, Pound Foolish
Trucks can be expensive to maintain, however, don’t try to cut corners to save money, because inevitably, it will come back to haunt you. As the old saying goes- penny wise, pound foolish. If there’s any repair that requires the expertise of an auto repair mechanic, it’s better to bring your vehicle to a car shop instead of doing it without the proper knowledge.

Following these quick maintenance tips can not only help to keep your car in tip top shape, but also save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the life of your vehicle.