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Dodge Trucks

Dodge trucks are a relatively new entry into the truck market, so they have some catching up to do if they are going to compete with Ford trucks or those made by Chevrolet. Still, Dodge trucks are being made in a way that makes long time truck owners want to purchase one. They are trucks marketed at the young, hip truck owners. The powerful features of Dodge trucks appeal to those with a need for speed. All in all, they are solid trucks with a desire to market a more sexy product in a market long dominated by the old boy’s club at Chevrolet and Ford.

Dodge trucks made their appearance onto the truck scene in 1961, but they were not received well. During that decade, Dodge trucks were a living experiment for the company, as engineers hoped to get things just right in order to compete with the big boys. From 1971 on, they spent time playing catch up from their lost time during the first decade. Even today, it seems like Dodge trucks are fighting a losing battle, but they are improving their hold on a growing automotive market.

One of the Dodge trucks that has had some success competing is the Dodge Ram. The Ram is one of the few Dodge trucks that provide the power and strong feel that truck lovers must have. The Dodge Ram has performed much better than other Dodge trucks such as the Dodge Dakota. The Dakota, which is smaller than the Ram, has struggled to compete with similar trucks on the market.

Dodge continues to market its products to people who might not normally be interested in buying a truck. Smartly, they are trying to sell their Dodge trucks to non truck buyers, instead of attempting to steal business from the longstanding traditional powers. As they continue to produce quality trucks, there is little doubt that Dodge will be able to succeed in this way.

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