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Five Things You May Not Know About The Hummer H1

Easily one of the most recognizable vehicles on the road today is the Hummer H1. The H1 is manufactured by AM General and is based on the all-terrain Humvee which is built for use by the American military. The vehicle gained its popularity after off road enthusiasts witnessed its performance during the first Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm. The Hummer H1 is built with the intention that it be the ultimate off road vehicle. There are a number of specifications from its high ground clearance to wide wheel base that make it perfect for driving in deep mud, as well as rocky and rutted out areas. While intended for off road driving, the uniqueness of the appearance of the vehicle combined with the high cost that is prohibitive to some has also turned it into a trendy vehicle for urban drivers to own. With these vehicles on the road seemingly every where these days, a great deal is known about them, but here are five things you may not know about the Hummer H1.

Five Things You May Not Know About The Hummer H1 hummer h1

  1. To gain its high clearance, the Hummer H1 makes use of a unique design in the placement of its driveline. The driveline is actually elevated when compared to standard vehicles and run down a channel between the left and right seats of the vehicle.
  2. The Hummer H1 began production in 1992 and ended in 2006. During its production run, there was a big difference in suggested retail prices from when the vehicle made its debut to when it ceased production. In 1992, the basic open top model price was sent at $40,500 and in 2006 the suggested retail price for the open top model was $129,399.
  3. Despite its popularity with a niche market, General Motors ended production of the famous Hummer H1 in 2006. General Motors cites the primary reason behind the decision that production of the Hummer H1 would cease following 2006 as the new emission laws for Diesel engine powered vehicles that would take effect in 2007 would make it difficult to get the vehicle to conform.
  4. Though not the most popular option and not widely available, there was actually a 3-speed transmission version of the Hummer H1 available at times during its production run.
  5. The Hummer H1 has an unusual appearance in its overall shape when compared to most vehicles. The stock measurements of the Hummer H1 make it 7.5 inches wider (86.5 in.) than it is tall (79 in.).

Many people have many different reasons for owning and driving their Hummer H1. While some love the vehicle for its go-anywhere capability, others like the style and attitude that comes from riding around in this military styled off road vehicle. The Hummer H1 came onto the market in the mid 1990s and quickly became one of the more popular four wheel drive vehicles manufactured at the time even though it was not really marketed as a mainstream automobile. Those that purchased them quickly learned that they were not the most fuel friendly vehicles on the market, but this usually didn’t cause a problem as that wasn’t the main motivation in getting one in the first place. What appeared to be a minor trend in off road vehicles when it started eventually developed into an iconic 1990s vehicle. The Hummer H1 is positioned to be a classic vehicle in the future based solely on the fact that it truly was a one of a kind vehicle with very few immitators. Like them or not, the Hummer H1 made its impact on the automotive market in a big way… in more ways than one.

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