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Ford Explorer Sport Trac

The Ford Explorer Sport Trac is a SUV and a Truck at the same time which was first produced in 2001.  It is based on the Ford Explorer SUV and is considered the midway vehicle between the Ford Ranger compact truck and the Ford F-Series full size and super duty truck, with its current classification as a mid-sized pickup truck.  The design in a classic layout with a front engine – however what is different is that it comes in front wheel drive or all wheel drive, uncommon for a truck.  The engine of the first era, combined with its design based on the Ford Explorer made it a formidable truck that could compete with the best.  The engine offered was the Cologne 4.0L 210 horse, the only engine available for the vehicle.  However in 2005 they revamped and redesigned.

Unlike the first era from 01 to 05 with its five speed auto or five speed manual, the next era of Ford Explorer Sport Trac vehicles boasted a six speed automatic, but still kept the five speed manual transmission.  With this new redesign it is still based upon and will probably forever be based on) the Ford Explorer SUV, making the Sport Trac linked for life.  What is new with the current run right now are the engines, with the addition of the 4.6L Modular V8 which gives it 292 horses.  Because the Ford Explorer design is now larger so is the Sport Trac, and with that comes additional strength at the cost of performance, but with this engine the effects are mitigated to just fuel consumption.  Overall as a mid-size pickup truck or SUV the vehicle is an interesting cross that has proven thus far to be a worthy adversary that has sold enough units to allow for its continued production and existence in the truck market today.  Although it lacks the power that you would find in the Ford F-Series for overall hauling power and towing capacity it is still stringer than the fledgling Ford Ranger and will continue to be seen in the future.

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