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Ford F-Series Part II – Specs from the beginning (1948) to 1966

Ford F-Series started out in 1948 with an option of two or four wheel drive, using the Marmon-Herrington all wheel drive and had the classic front engine layout that was standard in ford trucks. The F-1 Ford F-Series was a half ton truck with 4,700 GVWR, followed by the F-2 at 3/4 ton 5,700, F-3 being another 3/4 with a higher GVWR at 6,800 and the F-4 reaching the 1 ton mark with 7,500 or 10,000 GVER. The old F’s of the Ford F-Series were also equipped with three engine options – the Straight-6 V6 with 95 horses, the Flathead V8 with 100 horses, and the much improved Straight-6 in the last year of the first Ford F-Series gen’s production at 101 horses. Next up came the second Gen with the all new numbering system (as seen in the Ford F-Series Part I) with each F having a different GVWR with the smaller numbers while the major numbers had different tonnage ratings. (100 and 101 were 1/2 ton, but had different GVWR, while the 250 and 260 were 3/4 ton, but different GVWR between them, and so on).

This gen had many more engine makes to choose from even though it was only around for three years, starting with the Flathead V8 100 horse to the Y-Block V8 173 horse. The third generation of Ford F-Series trucks kicked off in 1957, lasting until 1960 with a re-style and a new four wheel drive system that was moved in house from the outsourcing that was once used. The models used the same numbering system with only minor changes past the F360 one ton. The engines used in this era of Ford F-Series trucks were the 137 horse straight-6, the 173 horse Y-block V8, and the new improved 4.8L Y-block V8 at 186 horses. In 1961 the Ford Motor Company went and changed the Ford F-Series completely with a new numbering system and design (see Ford F-Series Part I for the numbering system) with the F-100 being a half ton 5,000 GVWR, the 101 being a half ton 4,000, the F-250 at 3/4 ton 7,400, the F-260 at 4,900, the F-350 being a full ton 9,800, F-360 at 7,700, the F-500 being a ton and a half rated at 15,000, while the 501 was just 10,000. The Engines of this Ford F-Series era were the 3.7L, 3.9L, and 4.9L straight 6 at 137, 150, and 170 horses respectively; the Y-block 4.8 made a return with 186 horses, and the new FE V8 was introduced at a whopping 208 horses.

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