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Honda Pilot Off Road

One of the highest quality brands on the road is Honda and while it wasn’t known a few years ago if this demand and quality would fall into it’s 4×4 line up- over the last few years it has.  Honda’s Pilot has been a little old looking and for the 2009 model, things are freshened up a bit.  In fact, this new crossover model definitely makes it exciting to get in this vehicle and hit the trails.  The Honda Pilot has plenty for buyers and 4×4 enthusiasts to be happy about and a quality build, very nice 4×4 components and family friendly price are just some of what this vehicle has to offer.

Honda Pilot Off Road 2009 honda pilot

Under the Hood of the 2009 Honda Pilot
Thankfully, the new Honda Pilot comes with decent power, a quality transmission and a wide range of features to make this crossover perfect for mom when driving the kids or dad when hitting the trails.  The power plant is a 3.5 liter V6 engine that delivers 250 horsepower.  The transmission is a five speed which also happens to be found in other Honda models including the Ridgeline SUT.  While there is front wheel drive for on the road driving, the Pilot also comes with VTM four wheel drive system.  The VTM four wheel drive system is nicely engineered utilizing a single speed transfer case and also including coil actuated electromagnet clutches. Included is also MacPherson struts, coil springs and multilink coils in the rear.  The Pilot is a great crossover for towing as it includes not only a 4,500 max tow rating, but a larger radiator, an essential transmission cooler and a hitch that is integrated nicely.

Overall, this crossover is a very refreshing change from the older and less apt Honda Pilot.  For those looking for a friendly family car that has great 4×4 capability, the Pilot definitely impresses.

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