How to Get 12V Power From Trailer Plug

Ever found yourself in a spot where you need to grab some power from a trailer plug? Whether it’s a makeshift roadside repair or just a DIY project, getting 12v power from a trailer plug isn’t that complicated. 

How to Get 12V Power From Trailer Plug

How to Get 12V Power From Trailer Plug

Getting 12v power from a trailer plug is something that both DIY enthusiasts and professionals might need to do. The process can appear complex, but with careful planning and a detailed approach, it’s entirely achievable.

Adding a 12V Power Outlet

Adding a 12v power outlet to your trailer plug enhances its versatility and allows you to plug in various devices on the go. By selecting the appropriate outlet and mounting it securely, you can create a functional power source right from your vehicle’s trailer plug.

How to Wire the Power Outlet

Wiring the power outlet is crucial for achieving a functional and safe connection. Let’s explore the steps to successfully wire a 12v power outlet to a trailer plug:

  1. Identifying the Correct Wires: Recognizing the appropriate wires ensures that the power outlet functions as desired. In most cases matching the colors would be enough.
  2. Making Secure Connections: Attach the wires securely to prevent potential accidents and guarantee efficiency.
  3. Testing the Outlet: A guide to testing the newly wired outlet to ensure that it’s properly connected. After the test is successful you are good to go.

If the Power Doesn’t Match Add a 12v Inverter

Sometimes, the existing power might not be 12v, and an inverter becomes necessary. So connect a 12v inverter, to convert your voltage correctly.

Equipment for Safety

Safety equipment is vital for any electrical work. Make sure to include these equipment for safety.

Using a Fuse 

A fuse is an essential safety device to prevent overload. This part will detail how to select and install a fuse in your new 12v outlet.

Use Buck-Boost Transformer

When you need to adjust the voltage level, a buck-boost transformer comes into play. Learn how to choose and connect one in this comprehensive guide.

How to Check Trailer Plug Voltage

To know if your trailer plug is giving the right amount of power, checking the voltage is important. You’ll need a tool called a multimeter. Set it to measure 12 volts, put the probes in the plug, and look at the reading. If it’s close to 12v, you’re good to go! It’s a quick way to make sure everything’s working just as it should.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Trailer Plugs 12V?

No, not all trailer plugs are 12v. While 12v is quite common, especially in domestic trailers, different types and sizes of trailers might have other voltage ratings.

Does a 7-Pin Socket Deliver Consistent Power?

A 7-pin socket is designed to provide consistent power, including a 12v supply. However, inconsistencies can arise due to wear and tear, poor connections, or bad-quality wiring.

What Happens if I Plug a 5V Into a 12V?

Plugging a 5v device into a 12v supply can result in overvoltage. This may cause the device to overheat, malfunction, or even suffer permanent damage.

Which Wire Is Hot on the 12V Trailer Plug?

In most 12v trailer plugs, the hot wire is usually red or yellow one. However, this might differ across manufacturers and models.

How Many Volts Does a Trailer Plug Have?

Trailer plugs typically come with 12 volts, but variations do exist. Commercial trailers, specialized equipment, or unique configurations might require different voltages.

What Is the Most Common Trailer Plug?

The 7-pin trailer plug is the most ubiquitous, primarily used for towing vehicles, campers, and larger trailers. Its popularity stems from its ability to carry both power and signals for lights and other functions.

Where Is the Reverse Wire in the Trailer Plug?

The reverse wire in a trailer plug is often color-coded differently, such as purple in a 7-pin plug. Its function is to connect to the reverse lights on a towing vehicle.

How Many Amps Is a 12V Trailer?

The amperage of a 12V trailer can range between 15-30 amps generally. It depends on the particular appliances and devices connected.

How Many Watts Are in 12 Volts?

To find the watts in a 12v system, you’ll need to know the amperage. The formula is simple: Watts = Volts x Amps. So, if you have a 12v system with 20 amps, that would be 240 watts.


Whether you’re an experienced electrician or just someone with an itch for DIY, these instructions should help you get powered up. Remember, safety comes first. Always wear protective equipment and work carefully. 

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