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How to Repair a Truck Seat?

Most truck drivers don’t realize it, but one of the most important parts of their truck is the seat they sit on.  Many drivers are usually preoccupied with everything else that can go wrong and don’t realize that there is a problem with their truck seat until it becomes serious.  For those that find they have a broken truck seat, there are plenty of ways to fix them, here are some tips.

Quick and Easy Truck Seat Repair (For Most Types of Truck Seats)

Whether you drive a truck that has a cloth, leather or vinyl truck seat, one of the easiest ways to repair a truck seat is to cover up the problem with a seat cover.  Seat covers are great for any exterior damage to the fabric or material surrounding the seat.  Whether you have a tear in the cloth, the vinyl has a tear and is protruding or the leather is cracking and about to tear, the best solution for a quick fix is a seat cover.

Seat covers come in a variety of dimensions that fit most truck seats.  No matter what type of truck you are riding or the size of your seat, you can usually find with ease a seat cover to fit your needs.  Great places to look are obviously at truck stops, truck accessory shops and buying direct from the truck dealership.  Truck seat covers come in a variety of fabrics and materials including cotton, sheep skin, velour, nylon, and even polyester.  For those that would like to retain their leather or vinyl look in the cab, you can even find leather type seat cover products. 

Generally speaking seat covers are about $20 to $200 depending on the material and quality.  Some specialty sellers even sell custom fit truck seat covers.  There service includes measuring your truck seat and creating a high quality, manufacturer like seat that looks like the original.  This might be a good idea for a trucker that wants his cab to look new or is looking to sell his truck in the near future and doesn’t want to show any wear or tear.  It should be noted that seat covers are not only great for a quick fix to a broken exterior truck seat, but also good at preventing wear and tear on your seat in the future. 

Fixing the Exterior of a Vinyl or Leather Truck Seat

For those truckers that would like to fix a small hole, cover up burn marks or cuts that are smaller than 4 inches by 2 inches you may be able to use leather and vinyl repair kits.  These kits usually come with special compounds, patches, adhesive and colors to seamlessly cover up a stain, hole, burn mark or tear in just a few minutes time.  These leather and vinyl repair kits are generally very inexpensive and cost less than $50, well worth it for those that drive long hours.  If done right, your truck seat problem will no longer be noticeable and last for years.

Fixing the Inner Workings of Your Truck Seat

For most truckers it takes a long time before the inner workings of a seat breaks.  While truck seats can work without problems for years all it takes is a loose nut and bolt, some bending or other small malfunction to cause a lot of discomfort.  Following are some tips on how to fix the inner workings of your truck seat.

For the most part, if your seat is missing a nut or bolt or just bent a little it is fixable.  However, if you have major damage, it makes sense to replace the entire seat. 

Fix a Bent Riser

The riser is pretty much the metal framing that attaches the seat to the cab.  For many seat problems that have to due with the underneath of the seat, it is best to replace the entire riser.  A new riser usually comes fully assembled and can be attached to your truck’s cab and original seat with ease.  Seat risers are good for either the driver or passenger seat and there are products to fit all makes and models.

Fix Seat Hardware

Whether it is a seat handle to recline, to rise or some other function, you can usually buy from your dealer or a truck stop shop the hardware necessary to fix the problem.  Usually all it takes is a screwdriver and about 5 minutes of your time.  These hardware items are extremely affordable and worth the convenience.

Fix a Power Truck Seat

Many new trucks come with power seats.  These luxury truck seats are very convenient, but sometimes can be quite buggy.  Many times a power truck seat is broken not due to the actual seat components, but because of an electrical short or problem.  Many times, you will need to see the dealer or your mechanic to find the problem.  However, before doing so, check your manual first.  Your manual will have a list of fuses.  One or more of these fuses usually corresponds to your power seat.  Make sure the fuse has not blown.  Sometimes it only takes a $.25 fuse to fix your power truck seat.  Other issues can be with the motor, wiring, etc.

Fix the Seat Cushion

Once in a while a heavy load for long periods of time can wear out the cushion of a seat- similar to a mattress.  If your truck seat is sagging, you can usually easily replace the cushion or add an extra cushion to the exterior of the seat.  If you choose to add an extra cushion, you should purchase a seat cover to keep it in place.  It is also a good idea to make sure the foam you use for cushioning is made for vehicle seats.  These foam products usually guard against moisture, sweat and allergens.

Replace Your Truck Seat

Many times, it might not be worth the money or effort to fix your truck seat, especially if the problem is major.  Many times, you can order a new truck seat or buy one that fits from a junk yard.  If your truck seat is not a power model, you can swap them pretty easy.  If it is a power model, it might take more time and require professional installation.

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