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How to Repair Noisy Truck Exhaust Pipes

We all know that our truck exhaust pipes get noisy from time to time because the pipe has become a little slack and needs to be fixed quickly.  A lot of the times it can be that you have to take a few safety measures when your tailpipe stops working when you are at the side of the road so you are going to need to know what you should do, I have found a good idea for my truck driving father-in-law on GFPW.

When your exhaust stops working properly then gas could be coming into your truck without you even knowing and you should know that all and any problems needs to be fixed at once. If you cannot find the solution yourself then go to your local auto repair shop to have professionals take a look.

What you are going to need;

  • Epoxy
  • Muffler putty
  • Wire hanger
  • Wrench
  • Muffler clamp

How to Repair Noisy Truck Exhaust Pipes Truck Exhaust Pipes

A lot of the times when you find you have problems with your exhausts then it is the tailpipe which is lose and needs to be kept secure.  So you might have to try repairing this as a temporary measure until you get back home or to a garage.

You really can’t start any repairs while your exhaust pipe is hot because you won’t accomplish anything other than hurting your hands and getting burnt from a exhaust pipe will hurt so do be careful and wait before you start any work by letting the exhaust get cold.  It might be twenty or so minutes or even an hour.

You should take an old coat hanger – which should be wire so that you can straighten this out and then get in position under your car so that this will be looped to your tailpipe to keep this secure.  This could be the best way or repairing it but you should check first by driving a few minutes with the car and see if it is still there and secure or if not then you will need to make the wire a little tighter.

This step is an emergency step however so don’t think this is a long-term solution to you problems.

If you do have problems with your exhaust pipe then it could be that you need a muffler clamp installed; you have one already installed but this is probably too old and needs to be replaced again.  This helps keep your tailpipe on your truck but if it has been damaged or is worn away then you should think about getting a new one installed because it will be loud because it might rattle against the truck.  With this you will be using a bolt to keep your clamp in place so you need to be careful and remember to keep it tight and in place.

You might get some problems with your exhaust because there are damages to your muffler meaning you are going to have to fix the holes or leaks that it has.  This should be fixed immediately because this has gas running through the exhaust pipe.

If you have a small hole in your muffler then it could be repaired easily or it might take a long time because you could use an epoxy or a putty mixture.  You have to make sure that the muffler is all cooled down first before you think about fixing these.

How to Repair Noisy Truck Exhaust Pipes Truck Exhaust Pipes 1

If you are using putty mixture then you are going to need to get a big layer on the muffler first where you have the problems.  It will probably be an orange color and be quite smooth; this is going to take a few hours to dry out.
If you want to use some Epoxy then it could be best if you have got bigger hole in your muffler; the problem is that if there are too many holes which are too big to cover then this might not be the right solution for you. If there is only a small sized hole then this would be OK to use; you are going to have two parts to your epoxy.  You will have to start mixing them together so that you can repair your muffler.

Before you start any repairs  you need to make sure that your muffler is cooled down. Once you have put your paste onto your muffler you will need to leave it to dry for a while.  A night or day could be the best time frame before you can reuse your truck again. Since this is a big project, you might want to try visiting an automotive repair shop so they could find what’s wrong with your truck.

Visit a truck parts store for any equipment/parts you might need.

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