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Mercedes-Benz Trucks: Transport Goods in Elegance!

Mercedes-Benz is a Stuttgart-based company, which is famous across the world for developing commercial vehicles. Their trucks are an example of grand elegance and style. At the same time, it perfectly serves the purpose of transporting goods.

Based in Stuttgart, Mercedes-Benz has a prolific history when it comes to developing commercial vehicles. The vehicle manufacturing giant has also entered the arena of truck manufacturing and brought out several models for the benefit of different sections of people across the globe. Today, the company is by far the world’s leading manufacturer for trucks and has been doing exceptionally well in that particular department. The trucks manufactured by the company are of different style and genre owing to the need of various places, where they are marketed.

Mercedes Benz Trucks: Transport Goods in Elegance! mercedes truck

Since the early days, Mercedes has been building trucks of various designs, among which certain models are very obviously noticeable. These models are Unimog, Atego, Actros, Zetros, Axor and Econic. Each of them has their unique style, for which they are preferred by different sectors of people over several regions in the world. Even their trucks can have modifications, like the Axor is having an upgraded version through Econic. This upgraded version is used for special applications.

As the Zetros is used for off the road activities under extreme conditions, Unimog is designed to adapt to several situations. For this reason, Unimog finds its place very easily amongst most users, as they can be used for construction work, agricultural purposes and also for fulfilling military requirements. They surely have provided unique caliber to the Mercedes series of trucks and improved their goodwill in different nations. For example, the Atego 817 is a Mercedes-Benz tilt truck with 3.5t load capacity and is available in Ukraine. The vehicle generates inline power boosting a horse power of about 170. It also has a 4.249 liter capacity diesel engine with intercooler and turbo.

The gear box is manual consisting up to six gears, along with ABS brakes, which add on to the air suspension and the 4×2 axle configuration. The tires are at their best condition, if you are buying them new with several added features within the vehicle. Most Mercedes-Benz trucks are known for their comfort added with their quality capacity in respect to the load and performance. The trucks have power steering along with seatbelts, portable radios, heater, tachometer and cruise control features. They also include sun visor, sunroof, spoilers, board computers within the drive, HA and fog lights. All these features are well taken care of with every upgrade, as they seem to improve considerably. The basic properties of providing the vehicle with spare tires and good fuel tank capacity are kept in mind, while looking over the individual requirements.

The trucks from Mercedes-Benz are one of their kinds and can be used for the purposes of fire fighting, concrete pumping, fleet vehicles, tractor necessities and other important aspects, which make them irreplaceable as vehicles.

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