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Motorcycle Camping Trailers

Motorcycle Camping Trailers are trailers that are small and compact, usually relying on canvases once stopped for full assembly.  What I mean is, they’re mobile living quarters in the form of large tents.  They are very useful for the avid outdoorsman and many come with various plusses and add-ons depending on who you decide to go with.  Some of the more standard models have a bed and also a few zipper windows and a nice little carrier that can easily be towed by a motorcycle after some practice. Motorcycle Camping Trailers are a great advantage to someone who wants to go on the open road on their bike, but not have to stay in a hotel or would rather go camping without an RV or a ton of stuff shoved in the back of their car.  These tents can get quite luxurious with some having AC vents, awnings and even porches for your own lanai and grilling add-ons to let you cook food nearby or just right outside!  Not to mention I have seen one myself with a refrigerator and small generator, but that’s beside the point. 

Many of these trailer range for less than a thousand dollars while some of the really good ones (as in feature full and luxury based) can range for more than five thousand dollars per unit.  It is amazing what can be packed in such a small amount of space, but really it is because of how easily canvas can be stored rather than taking all the poles, and equipment like in your car – or driving a full sized turtle shell – I mean RV – to go camping out for just a few nights.  The Motorcycle Camping Trailers themselves come in a variety of colors and looks, with some having al chrome and others having custom paint jobs to match their respective bikes.

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