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Redneck Trucks

If you have ever driven through the deepest parts of southern USA then you no doubt have seen at least a few dozen redneck trucks. Often the subject of comedy, redneck trucks are always good for a quick laugh. For those who do not agree, look at how much money the monster truck rallies make every month. For those who may not have had much exposure to the country environment, you may be wondering what exactly redneck trucks are and if you have seen one before. Well, here are a few traits that most have in common.

For starters, standard redneck trucks are usually easily identifiable by their large tires that stick out under the wheel wells much like a lift truck. There is no real rhyme or reason for this as people who own these usually do not have a need for the all terrain abilities the lifted tires give, they just like the look. This is why they are the number one trait that seems to mark all redneck trucks. It may be because rednecks love monster truck rallies and the lifted tires on redneck trucks make them feel like the road is a monster truck rally.

Redneck Trucks old gmc truck

Second, redneck trucks are usually in bad need of either a paint job or a car wash. In addition, it’s unexplainable but true that people who own redneck trucks seem to be unbothered by the actual physical appearance of their vehicles. It is not uncommon to see redneck trucks that are painted two or three different colors and still have flecks of paint missing. Of course, sometimes the flecks of missing paint on redneck trucks actually are caked with mud that has been there for the last ten years. A good sign that you are about to run into a bunch of redneck trucks is if you are in a town with a car wash that looks like it has not been used for years.

Another good sign that you are passing by a redneck truck is what you can see in the truck bed. Redneck trucks are usually filled with tons of trash and furniture that may make them look like your front yard during spring cleanup. For people who own redneck trucks, it appears spring clean up lasts all year, but instead of a garbage truck taking away their old stuff, they just continue to haul it around in the back of their redneck trucks.

By now if you have not run across any redneck trucks you probably hope you will someday. Redneck trucks are entertaining to spot and there are road games you can play while looking for them. Now that you know all the tips for spotting redneck trucks, you should be able to succeed at this game quite well. For those in need of a good redneck truck fix, simply head down I-75 South and you will no doubt see more then you can count within a few hours!

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