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SUV and Truck Roof Racks

Whether you are a serious 4×4 off roader or enjoy off roading from time to time, one of the most functional 4×4 accessories is a roof rack.  While roof racks are perfect for almost all vehicles, they really do come in handy for 4×4 SUV and Truck enthusiasts.  4×4 off road enthusiasts usually are hitting trails with lots of cargo and extra gear.  While a pick up bed or a SUV cargo area might be a good place to store some items, for items that have a tendency to roll around or for larger items that just can’t be secured inside an SUV a roof rack is the perfect solution.

SUV and Truck Roof Racks roof racks

Some things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Roof Rack

The good news that not only are there usually plenty of OEM roof racks available from your SUV or Truck dealer made to fit your vehicle perfectly, there are also a wide range of aftermarket roof racks available as well that many times are superior to the manufacturers.  First off one of the most important considerations is fit and weight accommodation.  Obviously some models will need extra care when choosing a roof rack due to weight restraints, however most 4×4 roof racks could easily support 500 pounds or more.

In addition, since your vehicle and roof rack will be outside and vulnerable to the elements, its important to choose a roof rack that has been rust treated.  Many roof racks are usually made with sturdy ¾ inch tubular steel and powder coated for very good protection.  Finally price is an obvious consideration.  While you may want to forgo very cheap models, you will be surprised to find some very good deals, especially from after market suppliers.

For ultimate practicality and transportation efficiency, you can’t go wrong with a truck or SUV roof rack.