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Tips on Rear Sway Bars

For most 4×4 enthusiasts that take their vehicle off road and onto the trails, you probably thought plenty about your rear sway bars and the effect they have or don’t have on your driving.  For those 4×4 drivers that use their vehicle on the street, rear sway bars are not only a good idea, they make your vehicle much safer by keeping your tires pressed to the ground evenly.  If you ever drove a 4×4 without rear sway bars on the street and tried to round a tight curve, you probably realized how much sway bars help since your vehicle is much more prone to spin outs and lifting.

Tips on Rear Sway Bars rear sway bar installed

However, when on the trail, many 4×4 enthusiasts tend to prefer a vehicle without a rear sway bar.  The problem is not the sway bar, but actually how fast you go through a corner and when you are turning a tight corner on the trail, a very tight rear sway bar will actually increase the chance of your tires spinning or tipping instead of stabilizing it.  This is why many 4 x 4 enthusiasts usually remove their rear sway bar when they are driving their vehicle on tough trails.

Quick Release Sway Bars
For those 4 x 4 enthusiasts that use their SUV, Jeep, pick up truck, etc both on the trails and on the road, one of the best accessories you can purchase is a quick release sway bar.  With a quick release anti sway bar, you can easily disable it or enable it in a few moments.  Quick release anti sway bars are very affordable and can cost less than two hundred dollars.  Some 4 x 4 vehicles even come today with a fancy option- remote operated anti sway bar.

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