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Travel Trailers

The North Americans call the “Caravan Trailer” travel trailers. They were around in the early 1920s, and have been around ever since. Tin Can Tourists was the proper name for them way back when, in that time in the ’20s. Yet, with the variations of the many different styles, the United States and Canada now call it Travel Trailers – not to be confused with the Caravan Trailers, in which the Europeans call it. At a certain time in the ’30s and ’40s, the former ‘Tin Can Tourists’ now was renamed after it was made suitable to live in; they started to develop more modernized Travel Trailers, and were created into mobile homes.

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With the smaller Travel Trailers, they are still beneficial to the everyday camper, and are easily movable if you’re thinking of taking a cross country road trip. But, with the small Travel Trailers that are less than 18 ft long, it would be a hassle to try to even think about living in one for a long period of time. But, with the easy set up and its simple maneuvering, it’s an ideal place to rest if you’ve got nowhere else to turn. With a normal truck, the little trailer’s could be towed with no worries, since they only weigh around 3,000 lbs.

The medium trailers can hold more people due to its size, unlike the other trailer. This is a regular trailer and is used for all of your outdoors needs. The medium-sized trailers can weigh approximately 5,000 lbs, weighing about a ton more than the smaller trailers. The length can range from 18 ft to 25 ft, and may weigh over 5,000 lbs in some circumstances.

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Larger Travel Trailers can seat plenty of more people then the other predecessors, and is basically a home for full-fledged outdoors men whose mind set is upon wildlife and all of its sights. It can weigh up to 12,000 lbs when pulled by a highway tractor, or a large truck. It’s more commonly used to house a family of travelers when they are out camping, making it more ideal and roomy.

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