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Truck Buying Guide – New vs Used

Okay, well, What about Used and New?

If you have the money for a new truck, go for it.  If you want a used one, go for it all the same, but look it up on car facts if you can, get full details about how many repairs it may have had, check for leaking oil or other fluids, and if you live in California or Colorado or another state with Smog Regulation – have the documentation that it passed BEFORE you buy.  Modifications for a truck to be smog efficient can cost you a bundle and make new trucks look like a better deal.  Used can be good for the environment though, as they are being recycled and re-used, rather than junked and thrown away, however, you always need to check at CarVeto that the car has not been stolen.  It’s a sad sight to see a bunch of potentially good trucks in the dump every year.  Some needed minor repair, and yes many needed Smog Emissions modifications.  If you truck doesn’t meet regulation… sell it on E-bay instead of trying to get it regulated.  Sell it to folks in states without those laws, and make sure you say “Pick up only – no delivery” unless you have a trustworthy way of delivering the vehicle.

This is it for the truck guide, I do hope you find it useful, and remember, research is the key for getting the best deal for your money, and the right truck for you.  Accept no substitutes and do not be intoxicated by the sales pitch.  The salesman in 90% of your searches only wants one thing from you – your money.  They don’t care if you’re trying to save cash, which is why you need to ignore the hype and the hooblahblah they spew out, and do your research to a point that you are nearly an expert on the truck you want to buy.  The same thing can be said for a trailer.  If you do your research, consider everything you need for a new truck, and don’t listen to the sales hype – I can guarantee you will get exactly what you need.

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