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Truck High Pinion Differentials: Ideal for Lifted Trucks

Many off road truck drivers are plagued with few problems that are basically linked to their lifting of vehicle and also for more clearance. But once they do it they only find that the drivers don’t gain much in the way of driveline clearance and that the new driveline angles are creating further difficulties for them instead of gaining more clearance.

The long delinquent solution for such an age old problem of driveline angles is that it is now available in a unit that is very much strong and at the same time affordable. The Currie truck high pinion differentials 8.8” reverse third members use shelf parts that create units to stand up such abuses. Thus one way to reduce the universal joint angle and achieve better driveline clearance is to use a special center section with the pinion gears and reverse rotation ring. This has been designed in al the 4 Wheel Drive trucks of GM and Ford for years.

Truck High Pinion Differentials: Ideal for Lifted Trucks high pinion differential

Such a reverse rotation ring and truck high pinion differentials provide opposite tooth spiral on gear teeth that standard read differentials use. The reverse spiral on the gear teeth enables and facilitates in making it possible to raise the pinion above axle centerline and still drive on the wheels in the right direction. This won’t create any kind of hassle for the truck in smooth driving.

Dana was the first to produce the truck high pinion differentials for Ford applications which solved the driveline angle and clearance problems in raising the centerline of the differential or the pinion shaft. But Dana truck high pinion differentials are quite expensive and those who cannot afford or don’t wish to use the brand have now a simple and affordable solution with Currie pinion rings and differentials.

Currie Enterprises has been successful in developing high pinion, bolt in third member and also that would use reverse rotation pinion and ring and fits into all standard 0” Ford or GM housing without any difficulty. You don’t have t modify the housing for such vehicles with Currie high pinions.

The designs of Currie truck high pinion differentials have billet steel adjusters and heavy duty bearing caps. It is available for 31 and 28 spile axle shafts or also for oversize versions of 35 spline axles. So whatever truck you drive and whatever may be the size of the high pinions, Currie high pinion differentials are perfect for you. They rings and pinions are not only muscular but they are available in different rations too to match individual needs.

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