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Two Hybrid SUV Vehicles That You Should Avoid

One type of car or SUV that consistently gets good press are hybrids.  How can you not like hybrid vehicles, they are good for the environment, better on gas mileage and good for technology.  While there are plenty of bright spots with hybrid SUV’s not every vehicle is a winner- even if it is a hybrid.  These two vehicles are actually losers when it comes to gas mileage and cost.

Lexus GS450H
For those looking for a hybrid SUV, but don’t want to give up on luxury, the Lexus GS450H may look attractive.  After all, the exterior is sophisticated and the interior is filled with breathless luxuries.  Unfortunately, the one reason many people purchase a hybrid (fuel economy) comes up short.  For instance, compared to a gasoline Lexus GS 450 you only get about 3 more miles to the gallon driving the hybrid around.  Add in the extra cost to purchase and maintain the vehicle and you actually lose in the end (by about $5,500).  All in all the Lexus GS 450H while socially responsible is not really practical even for very wealthy drivers.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid
The Toyota Highlander has an excellent past and is one of the best 4×4 vehicles ever to hit the trails, however it’s hybrid version leaves little to the imagination and is not quite the most economical.  While Toyota does get points for trying to put a hybrid engine into a behemoth size SUV, ultimately, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid fails to be economical or practical.  With an average fuel economy of 24 mpg, you don’t save enough on fuel efficiency to make up for the extra cost of the hybrid technology.  The Toyota Highlander Hybrid has a sticker price of $43,835, ultimately realizing a loss of about $1,250 over a five year period.

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