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Used Airstream Trailers

The word Airstream brings back the memories of the 50′s and 60′s when the big metal cigar-looking campers were used all across America, from Canada to the United States.  Who can forget the I Love Lucy episodes that had one in it?  Airstream was founded in the 1930′s and their most famous mobile habitation trailer was born  in 1936 – called the “Airstream Clipper”.  Since then this company, Airstream, survived the depression of the 1930s as being one of the only other four or five hundred companies that went under.  If you’re looking for a good old Airstream Trailer – primarily a classic, good luck.  They’re very difficult to find, and very expensive – however the more popular and recently produced mock models or those which are currently rotting out in old junk yards produced in the 60s-70s are the best bet for getting your own used Airstream trailer.  It might take some hard work, sacrifice, and a good working mechanical knowledge but you should be able to find one and get one up and running if you are determined, you just need to find a few dealers that sell junk cars or cash for junk cars shops.

In 1974 Airstream began production of a newer design that is called the Class A motor home, and was called the “Argosy”, a few years later there were more classic models with unpainted aluminum bodies that mimicked the old ones from the 1930s-1950s.  In fact they still manufacture the old silver backs, so rather than looking for a used airstream trailer you might consider buying a more recent and modern one with all the modern amenities available today.  Lengths range from 16 to 34 feet and they also manufacture some models with the slide-out modules.  The most popular models, according to their site, is the 25 and 27 foot “front bedroom” designs.  If you find a used one for sale – remember to check the facts on it, find out how many repairs it has had and any literature on that particular vehicle.  It is important to know so that you can prevent issues from arising.

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