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Used Fire Trucks

Who knew that there were so many would be firemen out there waiting to hop onto a fire truck. Though you might not see people lining up to fill up the local fire stations, they are lining up to purchase used fire trucks that the cities are discarding when they get too old. Used fire trucks are often sold at a very low price by cities who just want to get rid of the things. They do not want to pay the money that would be required to store the used fire trucks, so they give some pretty fabulous deals to potential buyers.

That’s why people are jumping on the opportunity to own used fire trucks. Most people don’t buy these vehicles to drive them in an everyday setting. Rather, they are buying used fire trucks to be a special occasion type of vehicle. One great example happens all of the time in the Deep South of the United States. People buy used fire trucks, fix them up, and take them to different sporting events for tailgating purposes. These people seem to be wanting for attention and it comes in no short supply.

In Clemson, South Carolina, a couple of men purchased one of these used fire trucks and painted the truck orange to support the Clemson University sports teams. When the water hose used to be, the men have inserted a tap that is attached to a keg of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. This is taking tailgating to a whole different level.

NASCAR fans are known to be fans of used fire trucks, as well. They like to take used fire trucks, dress them up in the color of their favorite driver, and take them to the infield at a particular race track. In their intended use, these vehicles stop the fire. In their later use, they just help folks fire up the party.

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