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Wells Cargo Enclosed Snowmobile Trailers

Wells Cargo has been around for many years and provides some of the best trailers for all needs – the ones we will be looking at are their snowmobile trailers.  There are three kinds offered and they all are capable trailers in their own right. 

First lets take a look at their funWagon® Drive-Thru Snowmobile Trailer.  It has been a standard design of their for the past 25 years and it is the original trailer for snow mobiles transportation with drive on/off loading accessories and capabilities (allowing you to drive the vehicle right into the trailer, or right out of it) which make it easier on you to load and offload your items.  The trailer has double doors on both the front an rear allowing for full access, along with reinforced no-show beaver tails on the front and rear allowing you to load your snow mobile from either side.  It also comes with a portable loading ramp that can be used for loading or unloading, it has .030 aluminum exterior skin in 11 colors and a 20 year warranty on the pressure treated wooden floor, 1/4 inch plywood interior lining, a rubber torsion suspension and electric brakes.  It also has safety chains with hooks, and a wet cell battery for breakaway switches.

Now lets look at the funWagon® V-Front Snowmobile Trailer.  This design eliminates the need to jackknife the towing vehicle to load or unload and provides various lengths of trailers in a range from 15 to 29 feet.  It has a five foot long V-front section, 60 inch wide front ram door with a spring assist, and a 90 inch rear ramp door with a spring assist.  It also has the rear reinforced now show beaver tail and .030 aluminum exterior skin that also comes in 11 colors.  All of the other components are essentially the same as the Drive-Thru Wells Cargo enclosed snowmobile trailer.

Finally there is the funWagon® In-Line Snowmobile Trailer which is a sleek design to accommodate larger and wider snow mobiles.  The specs are essentially the same as the other two with the exception of choosing between a double front door and a front ramp door.  Wells Cargo enclosed snowmobile trailers are a testament to their companies’ ability to adapt to the needs of the consumer, and are superior in quality to off-brands.

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