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Why Do I Need Courier Insurance?

Why do I need courier insurance?

Insurance is as important as intra family personal injury claims. If you are involved in any accident, it is advised to consult expert traffic accident attorneys, who will help you recover the compensation for your injuries and losses. Along with helping you in claiming compensation, they can also help to sue the truck driver or the one who caused the accident. More specifically, the benefits of buying insurance on your own rather than through an agent.

Courier insurance can be cheaper if:

  • Your business is based in a more restricted area
  • If you are selling a product that is closely related to the type of goods which are delivered by courier
  • You are generally using a courier company
  • You use a couriers regularly and the company/owner is providing courier insurance for your deliveries.

The fact that a courier does not provide insurance while in transit is an important factor to consider. You can read more about Green Van Lines Moving Company – Dallas, for insurance of moving companies.

Another factor is whether you are using a couriers to drive on your property rather than giving them permission to use your road. There are certain circumstances which render the use of a couriers unacceptable such as where there is a breach of contract on the part of the couriers when delivering your goods, or if you are planning to ride on the back of the couriers, however these are not common situations. Some other commonly overlooked examples are:

  • Delivery of large items such as wheelchairs, mopeds, lawnmowers, etc that requires to be moved at a pre-set time
  • Vehicles that cannot be easily tracked or monitored to locate them
  • Drivers who are sleep deprived and do not have much time
  • Do not have the time to check their vehicle and can take it to the lorry on their own without the permission of the owner
  • Do not have a full compliment of insurance in their vehicle
  • Can not speak on the phone to your insurance company at a short notice
  • Are not in the correct insurance group or the correct state to get insurance
  • The couriers are not fully insured if there are any incidents during delivery
  • The couriers’ insurance does not cover vehicles
  • The car is not fully insured in your state
  • According to truck accident attorneys for hire, the vehicle has been in accident and an accident was not covered
  • Contacting personal injury law firm located in Miami Gardens area to get legal help in case of an accident is a good idea.you can also contact experienced head injury lawyers in Halifax to give you legal counseling and help you recover compensation for the injury and damages caused.
  • The vehicle was stolen during delivery
  • Car is a converted lorry / it has less than 125kg / it is not insured
  • The driver is not properly insured and will continue to do so, the company has not purchased car insurance for the period they are using the car or is unwilling, can not purchase car insurance, although they will always pay at the end of the policy period unless it is for loss of the vehicle in service.

For a description of the various insurance products available to cover transport of goods by courier, please click here.

This is the brief guide to understanding the various insurance choices available to customers: If you want a quote you need to check and ensure that the drivers are fully insured and the car is covered, for example, it is impossible to insure a used car which is not being driven. If you are concerned about their insurance then contact Staveley Head, they will help you. Commercial couriers have few of the advantages of legitimate couriers. Drivers are generally in a higher risk group and most drivers do not use insurances. Drivers who do use insurances may either be at a high risk group or not at all. This is particularly likely to be the case if you are using a company that provides a courier service in their own name or only provides insurance for its couriers and the drivers. This does not always mean that the company is not using a courier company to deliver goods, as it could also be operating on a stand-alone basis. You must decide whether you are purchasing insurance

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