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4×4 Trucks & Trailers

Let’s talk trucks, vehicles for real men from 4×4 off road versions to full size highway blasting rigs, we believe they’re some of the best machinery humankind has ever invented. A truck doesn’t need to be the best performing or engineered piece of hardware to have fun, some of the best off-road trucks we’ve ever heard about were from folks with old trucks that city folk turn their noses at.

No problem for us, who wants to sit in city traffic when you could be tearing up the dirt off-road. Turn those front hubs into their locked position, rev up the motor and let go of that brake, that’s the sort of fun 4x4TrucksTrailers.com likes when we’re not under our trucks repairing a busted drive shaft or replacing a differential cover.

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If there is a truck, 4×4, or SUV made anywhere on this planet we know about it and plan to write about it. We might even mention those city type trucks that never leave the highway, of course we can’t promise our tests and reviews will be gentle, the paint might get scuffed a bit, ah shoot, who are we kidding, it’ll be lucky to get back to the showroom in one piece.

4x4 Trucks & Trailers 4x4 mud truck

It’s a good thing we have more auto insurance than any of these rigs is worth and a great broker to keep us covered. Truck finance and insurance doesn’t come cheap so getting the right deal is critical, and it should be for you too. Nobody wants to be stuck at the side of the road, and good insurance will get you and your vehicle home again without fuss.

Gasoline, diesel, heck even kerosene powered trucks, it makes no difference, it is still a truck designed for heavy work or racing. Big rigs are every truckers favourite toy, sitting high and cruising coast to coast, it’s a great life, every hiss of the brakes or growl of the exhaust like music to our ears.

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4x4TrucksTrailers.com isn’t just about big rigs, we love mud bogging, so whenever we get the chance we’re watching videos of guys taking a run at the bog, and we never tire of hearing about the custom frames and nitrous engines used to take on those giant 300 foot lakes of mud.

Of course no truck is worth having if it can’t take the load, even if it is a great ride it still has to work hard and not break under the strain. Too often we hear stories about trucks that look great, even get good press, but load ‘em up to the ton and you’ve got problems. Our trucks can take a load and have power left over for our gear and a bunch of accessories on board.

4x4 Trucks & Trailers 4x4 truck ice

A 4×4 truck needs a few extras to give it that look we’re after, chrome nerf bars riding below the doors, a decent tire rack for those emergencies we all hate having to deal with, a rucksack in the back, and up front, extra lights for hunting or just for lighting up the campsite while we get setup.

At 4x4TrucksTrailers.com we get a lot of visitors just looking for truck specifications, hey we’re happy to oblige, it is our bed time reading as well.

Think of any truck marque and we’ve probably written something about their most popular models. Rigs like Mack, Scania, Kenworth, Mitsubishi, DAF, and all the smaller 4×4 trucks from Chevrolet, Dodge, Hummer, Jeep, Land Rover, and let’s not forget luxury rides like Porsche, Lexus, Lincoln.

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