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Chevrolet Colorado

The Chevrolet Colorado is a mid-sized pickup truck with a good hauling capacity and an overall useful design, one of the tops anyways.  It was first introduced in 04 and comes in either a two door or a four door design with front engine real wheel drive along with four wheel drive, and it uses the GMT335 platform for its main makeup.  The Chevrolet Colorado comes loaded with either a 3.5L engine or a 2.8L engine – however for this year there are two new generation 2.9L or 3.7 L engines that provide more hauling and pulling power, along with a few new colors.  The vehicle is not quite as popular as its larger cousins but makes up for that in its ability to be median priced, and still being the highest selling unit in the Ford line – it is surpassed in sales by the Toyota Tacoma.  The Colorado offers both manual and automatic transmissions; with the automatic being a four speed and the manual a comfortable and common five speed.  There is also a sport suspension version available called the ZQ8.

It is interesting to note that the Colorado replaced the much beloved Chevrolet S10 and is based on the GMT355, while the GMT355 is based on the GMT345 – and that is what the Hummer H3 uses for its platform.  The GMT3555 has a current rumor surrounding it about future support for a greatly more powerful and enhanced V8 engine that would add additional horses to the Colorado, and give it a bump up above the competition.  Over all the Colorado is a very competent vehicle, capable of hauling most things and pulling trailers, and is good for someone who is not going to be making heavy hauls of major material – additionally the four door model is excellent for person and tool transportation for construction jobs or other necessities that need to be fulfilled.

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