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Compound and Buff Your 4×4

If you have an SUV, pick up truck or Jeep that you have been roughing up on the trails, sand and woods, you probably have plenty of niks and scratches on your vehicle.  Most 4×4’s usually get their share of debris kicked up on them over the months as drivers get the most out of their vehicles off road.  And while many like to see their 4×4 dirty and muddy, we also like to shine it up when we go riding on the regular roads.  One way to keep your 4×4 looking its best is with compound and a good buff.

Compound and Buff Your 4x4 shiny truck

Keeping your vehicle clean is pretty easy.  Today, you can take your vehicle to the car wash and easily get it thoroughly washed.  Most trucks and SUV’s are pretty high, so it makes sense to clean your vehicle this way instead of by hand all the time.  However, once your vehicle is clean of all the dust and debris, its time to get serious and wax, compound and buff your 4×4.

Waxing your vehicle will protect it from the elements.  Many car washes already include a coat or two of wax- that’s fine.  Now it’s time to compound your vehicle.  Anywhere you see small dents, the compound will fill it in and make them pretty invisible to the naked eye.  Make sure you get compound that is made for your vehicle’s color.  Finally, once the compound is applied, it’s time to buff your vehicle for a wonderful shine.  Most buff by hand, but the real way to go is with either an electric buffer machine or even a buffer attachment that fits on many electric drills.  Buffing your vehicle will literally make it sparkle.

So, for those that want the best of both worlds (the ability to get your vehicle nice and muddy and to make it sparkle) the way to do so is with compound and buffing.

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