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Diesel or Gasoline for Your Next Truck

If you are thinking about buying a truck this year, one consideration that many are making are whether to opt for the traditional gasoline engine or a diesel engine.  With fuel prices going through the roof and many truck manufacturers interested in fuel efficiency, more and more future models will offer a wide variety of fuel options.  Today you can choose gas, diesel and even some engines now come with the ability for flex fuel- which means you can use a mix of different types of fuel.  Sounds complicated – it’s not really.

Diesel or Gasoline for Your Next Truck jeep polution

Make the Choice on Your Needs
Let’s face it, for most truck owners, your minds are already made up.  In fact, the larger heavy duty trucks already come with humongous diesel engines perfect for professionals that use their trucks for business and those that require heavy towing and hauling capabilities.  Generally speaking if your workload is above average and you can afford it, definitely opt for the diesel engine.  While diesel engines and the fuel to run them may be more money (according to today’s fuel costs), you do get a lot of return on your investment in reliability, durability and pure power and performance.  And while a person looking to use his truck to commute a few miles to work doesn’t need the power, if you are a serious truck user, diesel is probably for you.

Gasoline for the Rest of Us
If you don’t use your truck for business or heavy duty hauling and towing, chances are you will be much happier with a gasoline engine in your vehicle.  The reason being that gasoline is usually cheaper- although mileage may be less efficient.  Gasoline is offered at more gas stations and if your vehicle requires maintenance there are far more gasoline engine mechanics available than diesel mechanics.

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