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How to Repair Hard to Close Truck Doors

You should know that if you have a truck then it is the same as every other vehicle out there; there will come a time which they have to have some repairs done on them and a lot of the problems are with the actual truck doors.  These can be a real problem when they are older doors because you find they become stuck easily and harder to close or even open up them; a lot of the times you would just have to add a little bit of oil to the hinges of the door but sometimes there is much more work needed to be done.

Many of us spend a lot of money on our cars and when something goes wrong then the first thing we think about going is to go to our local garage and get the problems fixed.  That however can cost a lot but if you have got some problems with your truck doors then you can fix this yourself without costing you a lot of money.

How to Repair Hard to Close Truck Doors Repair Truck Doors

What you are required to get;

  • Lock rings
  • Bushings
  • Duct tape
  • Punch
  • Vise grips
  • Pry Bar
  • Hinge pins
  • Bench
  • Door spring compressor
  • Hammer
  • Making tape

    Your first step should be to support your door; so you are going to have to first open your door up – wide.  You want to your door so you are going to need to get yourself a bench and place it at the bottom of the door.  You might need to get some else like wood to help support your door.

    You don’t want to scratch your car when you are trying to remove any part so you are going to have to get some tape and put that all along the sides of the door near the hinge and fender because you are going to be using a crow bar and you don’t want to mark your car.

    Now you have your supporting materials in place you are going to have to find your detent spring and remove that from the door.  If you don’t know what this part is for then it helps keep your door open when you open it of course so you should locate this near your upper hinge; you could easily do this by using your crow bar.

    Next will be your hinges; so get your hammer and punch at the ready.  You have a pin located at your hinge which helps keep it in place, you are going to have to get a hold of this so you need a vise grip to do so and start hitting with your hammer and punch.  Now it is the same with the top hinge also but be careful when you are moving the door from the actually hinges.  You might need another pair of hands to help you with this part.

    You now need to remove your bushings; you will find these in your brackets of your hinges but these are going to be difficult to take out so you are going to have to use your hammer and punch for this part.  After you have removed your old bushings then you can put in new ones; for this you are going to have use some vise grips to secure these into place.  You need to knock them in so you need your punch to do this; your pins will be going on your bracket on your door which will be on your bottom hinge.  Your body brackets will be used to put your pins in with your higher hinge.

    Note; the top hinge must face upwards and reverse on the bottom hinge also.

    Now you can put the door back into place; your pins will need to be put back into place so you can line up your door hinges.  You are going to have to secure your lock rings by using your hammer and keeping them secure.

    Now you just need to add a new spring to your door; get yourself a spring compressor to help you put your spring or new spring if you have bought a new one into the side of the door.  Your door is now back in place and you just need to take off the tape around the truck door; you have got a new truck door with no more problems.

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