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Prepping Your Truck for the Trails

For 4×4 enthusiasts looking to get the most out of their truck, Jeep or SUV, you have to take it out on the trails.  Most communities have trails that are easily accessible.  Whether you pay for membership at a park or just found some decent trails nearby your neighborhood, before you hit the trails, its always a good idea to prep your vehicle.

Prepping Your Truck for the Trails extreme offroad

Prepping your vehicle will make sure that your truck, Jeep or SUV is in good shape to maximize fun in the dirt, mud, snow or on the rocks.  Depending on the type of trails you will be hitting may determine the type of prepping you require.  For instance, if you are going mud bogging, you want to make sure you have a good winch or go with a friend that has a capable vehicle to pull you out of the mud.  Also, have a tall stick handy, this way you can test how deep the mud is.  You don’t want to be swallowed up on the bogs. You should also check the condition of your windshield and get a windshield repair if there are visible cracks or damages.

While chains are strong, you don’t want to use them for pulling out vehicles.  A weak leak in a chain can cause failure and metal links can become instant projectiles wreaking havoc.

For those hitting the sand, make sure you got a deflator and tire inflator with you.  You will usually need to deflate your tires for extra traction and then re-inflate your tires once done to get back home.  Also, make sure what ever trails you choose to bring a spare tire.  And make sure the spare is full size- if you get caught without a tire in the trails; you are talking about a huge pain to get your vehicle back out of the trails and back onto the road.  Finally, don’t forget to bring a map-even if you are driving on trails that are only a few miles away from your home.  Not only will it help you if you get lost, but it can help you find cool new areas to enjoy off roading.

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