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Dodge Ram Overview

Few trucks have been able to compete with Ford like the Dodge Ram in recent times, and the Dodge Ram does so comfortably. The Dodge Ram is a solid truck that has been around since the eighties, and actually much earlier since it is essentially the Dodge D series, but with a new name. The Ram today comes in several special makes and models along with the workhorse 1500, and also there is a 2500 and 3500 model similar to Chevrolet’s numbering system. The Dodge Ram has a new engine this year in the 5.7L Hemi V8 replacement, the 5.7 MDS Hemi V8. This packs in 345 horses under the hood with a good amount of torque – however gas mileage was also increased to around 15 miles to the gallon in city driving and 19 miles to the gallon on the highways (if you’re looking for fuel economy in a Dodge Ram… look elsewhere, however if you are looking for a truck that can haul, the Dodge Ram is perfect).

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Soon there will be a new Ram on the market with the redesigned 2009 models expected to be released with better payload capacities, gas mileage, and towing power. Hopefully the engine will be updated to something with a bit more roar too – however details about the 2009 are still somewhat sketchy and many seem unfounded as of yet. The current Dodge Ram is expected to be in production until then with minor updated and tweak along the way, considering it will be the final years of production on this current design and model. It is rumored that the V10 Viper may be an option in the higher end Dodge Ram 2009′s, which would give it one of the most powerful engines in the Ram line, as the SRT-10 had at one point. However plans for the Dodge Ram having this additional engine option could be scrapped with rising fuel costs and more focus on efficiency over power as of late.

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