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Duramax Diesel Engine

For 4×4 enthusiasts everywhere, the engine is still the lifeblood of your truck, Jeep or SUV.  General Motors understands this fact.  And with skyrocketing gas prices earlier this year, there has been lots of headway into developing diesel engines that not only offer fuel efficiency, but lots of power as well.  Today, more and more 4×4 makers are recognizing the need for fuel efficient vehicles that don’t skimp on power and one of the first breakthroughs is GM’s new Duramax 4.5 liter Diesel engine.

Duramax Diesel Engine duramax diesel engine

While a 4.5 liter diesel engine might not sound like it is tough enough to tow heavy lows or carry lots of weight, many skeptics have been proven wrong by terrific numbers posted by this engine.  And while the Duramax diesel engine is just the beginning, many are very optimistic at what lies down the road for the Duramax and other manufacturer’s diesel engines.

Some Tech Specs to Sink Your Teeth Into
Here are just some of the more interesting technical specifications the Duramax diesel engine delivers.    First off it offers a unique 72 degree V configuration which means it can fit into tighter spaces and smaller vehicles.  The block is made from compacted graphite iron which is usually much better than aluminum and even lighter that the normal gray cast iron engines that have been traditionally made.  It should also be noted that the cylinder heads have a feature which creates airflow that is backward utilizing integral exhaust manifolds.  Also the EGR cooler, oxidation catalyst and the turbocharger are all mounted in the valley to reduce heat and maximize cooling.  So with all this technical innovation how much does this V8 4.5 liter Duramax diesel engine save you in fuel efficiency- a very respectable 25% compared to gas V8’s.

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