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Jacked Up Trucks

Do you like the sensation of being a road warrior while driving? Does a monster truck rally on TV make you drool with excitement? Sounds like you may be in need of a jacked up truck. For those who may have never heard the term “jacked up truck” before, a jacked up truck is simply a truck that has been lifted extensively off the ground by unusually large tires. Almost any type of pickup truck can be made into a jacked up truck simply by changing the tires to ones that have a thick tread and a very large diameter.

One notable feature of a jacked up truck that often catches your eye is that the wheel sits below the wheel well. This is because oftentimes the truck wheels are much larger than originally intended by the designer so they simply will not fit into the well. It is this overbearing look that many people recognize as a sign of power and control when they look at a jacked up truck. After all, large wheels mean maximum 4X4 road strength and provide much larger terrain ability while driving.

Jacked Up Trucks jacked up truck

Of course, the real thrill of driving a jacked up truck is sitting inside it and looking down at the other cars on the road. Oftentimes the jacked up truck is so high off the ground that you can essentially look down on other cars that do not even stand higher than the wheels. Thus, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are the largest vehicle on the road and in control. While you may have to step up a bit to get into the driver’s seat, once you are up there will be little on the road that can threaten you except for another jacked up truck.

Jacked up trucks became fashionable due to the popularity of monster truck rallies. There is not a set standard that differentiates a monster truck from a jacked up truck. For this reason many people like the idea of driving a monster truck because they feel like they could potentially role over their competition on the road if they wanted to. Of course, you cannot do this, but the feeling that you could be driving in a monster truck rally is a fun fantasy to entertain while driving down the road. This is why most people who own jacked up trucks enjoy driving them daily as it spices up their daily life.

Finally, a jacked up truck can also be practical for many reasons as well, if you live in an area where you are often driving over rough terrain or unpaved roads. Many people in the country use jacked up trucks because they allow them to drive through rough land and back roads without concern about tearing out the engine pieces underneath. After all, if you are four feet off the ground there is very little chance of ever bottoming out no matter where you are!

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